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To think this quote for cleaners is excessive?

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timestep Mon 01-Apr-19 17:10:36

I have a young baby and will be returning to work soon and definitely not keeping on top of housework so have decided to get quotes for cleaners. I've never had a cleaner before so no idea what would be reasonable.
I have a 3 bed semi. Standard 1930s layout. Not particularly big. A small extension downstairs means there is a small utility/shower room which is additional to the small bathroom upstairs.
Just been quoted £22 per hour from an agency. They think it'd take 3 hours and would send 3 people so £66 per week. Is this excessive? I wasn't expecting it to be that much. I'm in the South East outside of London. AIBU to think that's a lot?

timestep Tue 02-Apr-19 21:38:34

Yes they've definitely ruled themselves out. All I can think is that they're used more by companies rather than individuals.
I received another quote from an agency that I'd previously contacted and they're quoting £15 so at least it's come down slightly!
Will definitely be looking for local recommendations instead of agency...

thecatsthecats Tue 02-Apr-19 12:28:50

They've surely just ruled themselves out by sheer stupidity?

My cleaner budges me around the house to get me out of the way, and all I do is sit there working. No way would she put up with two other cleaners under her feet. There are jobs that run concurrently - vaccuuming, mopping, drying.

I genuinely think it would be harder for 3 people to clean in one hour than one in 3 hours. Plus with the travel time, surely the individual cleaners get more out of long, single jobs?

Hobbesmanc Tue 02-Apr-19 12:14:30

I live in Cheshire and we have had various different cleaning options over the years. For the last few years we've had a private cleaner who charges £12 per hour as self employed. This seems super fair to me as she has to put aside her own holiday pay and NI etc etc. She has her own key etc and we have a set day for 5 hours. Occasionally during school holidays she brings her child along which is fine. She came recommended by our previous cleaner when she moved back to Poland. We feel blessed to have her and I know she turns down loads of work. Downside is that when shes away we don't have anyone but thats fine.

Previously we did have an agency who charged around £16 per hour - they seemed great at first- all the staff were DBS checked etc. But after a while we started getting loads of new people- a different one every week and things just weren't done. Then a few small things went missing which we didn't notice at first until an unused cheque book vanished.

I'd deffo see if there's a local community facebook page- that's where everyone seems to look for cleaners around here

blueshoes Mon 01-Apr-19 22:40:42

If you want to pay less then go for an independent cleaner, who will offer as good a service but bear in mind they will have days when they are away etc.

I would agree with this, using a good independent cleaner. For 3 hours or less a week, you won't be their main customer. They are self-employed and have more freedom to set their hours/slots - which in my case means last minute cancellations and re-scheduling. After a while of using her and trusting her (easy as she was a personal recommendation), I let her have our house key and allowed her to let herself in on the days she could come. The flexibility works both ways and so if I needed her to come in on a Friday or weekend ahead of guests at our house, she could accommodate.

princessbananahammock252 Mon 01-Apr-19 22:15:03

I live in North London and my Cleaner takes £10 per hour. She works privately (non agency) but has came highly recommended. The duration sounds about right though. I'd ask around family and friends (even your neighbours) and see if they can recommend someone!

One tip though for when you do find someone suitable; give them a few weeks to adjust to how you like things to be done. I've heard so many people be disappointed with the first clean because it wasn't how they do it or to their standards. Give honest feedback, and the chance to work up to how you like it.

timestep Mon 01-Apr-19 21:53:20

Thanks all! Will definitely be looking for independent cleaners.
Our house really isn't that big so don't think it would require 3 hours of work. Especially as it sounds like others have much larger houses and it's done in less time.
Although outside of London we live in a large and busy town so there should be lots of options available (I hope!).
Definitely not willing to pay £10 over the odds for the reliability of using an agency.

Rainbodash Mon 01-Apr-19 21:21:04

Basically identical to you and I was quoted £600 a month by one company!! Found a cleaner for £9 per hour in the end plus small annual agency fee - worked out as about £30 per week.

Moondancer73 Mon 01-Apr-19 21:03:01

That's absolutely normal for an agency cleaner. For that price you'll get someone whether your regular cleaner is sick or on holiday, they'll be fully insured and probably dbs checked.
If you want to pay less then go for an independent cleaner, who will offer as good a service but bear in mind they will have days when they are away etc.

Scottishgirl85 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:57:45

Ignore my maths. 3 people for 3 hours is 9 hours, so for £66 that's an incredibly cheap hourly rate, but you don't need 9 hours of cleaning...

fillmyglassplease Mon 01-Apr-19 20:57:25

I pay £15ph in the North

Scottishgirl85 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:55:29

We're in the South East, 5 bed detached 1930s home. 2 hours at £12ph (although they send 2 people and stay for 1 hour). Family run business. So £24 per week.

That quote is ridiculous due to the time required. £66 for 3 people for 3 hours is £12ph, so that's fine. But you don't need 6 hours equivalent of cleaning a week!

sparklyglitterball Mon 01-Apr-19 20:49:28

We pay £10.50 per hour for an independent cleaner. I'd much rather she had all of the money rather than an agency taking a cut.

user1480880826 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:45:01

That’s crazy. Three people?!

I pay £30 for 2.5 hours.

Carpetburns Mon 01-Apr-19 20:42:48

I was quoted a similar amount - bog standard 3 bed but have en suite so they said three hours. They send three people but for one hour. That was £17hp plus VAT (£20.30) so not far off. They do bring own products but I think it's too much.

Bibijayne Mon 01-Apr-19 20:42:32

£10/£12 an hour fairly standard.

burnoutbabe Mon 01-Apr-19 20:35:53

I think to be honest it's cheaper within London than outside. Just due to the fact that a cleaner can get a good lot of local people and so minimal time between houses, so more clients a day. Outside of London it's a longer drive and more downtime.
We're £12 per hour for independent cleaner, 2 hours per fortnight for a zone 2 2 bed flat.

TomorrowsDiet Mon 01-Apr-19 20:26:19

That’s extortionate. I’m close to London and currently paying £12 an hour to private individuals. I previously used an agency and they charged £13.50 an hour. The most expensive quote I came across was £16 an hour, which I declined.

It isn’t skilled labour, but you are looking for a high level of common sense and attention to detail. It’s hard to find someone good! Maybe look for local recommendations, rather than rely on agency staff

Mustbetimeforachange Mon 01-Apr-19 20:24:30

We pay £12/hour but we do.currently pay for too many hours & I'm getting fed up with her not doing extra jobs. She will go when DD goes to uni! We have paid her ,£22/hour for some years so suspect she considers we are under paying her!
South-east btw

ItsalwaysLTB Mon 01-Apr-19 20:23:05

Was it Molly Maid? I got quoted £60 for bathrooms, bit of hoovering and cleaning downstairs floors. I previously paid £20 to an independent cleaner for this and am now paying £25 to agency (of which £20 directly to cleaner). You can get for much less. I'd love to know if anyone other than businesses use Molly Maid regularly!

Moraxella Mon 01-Apr-19 20:14:36

in London too - have been quoted up to £20/hr. (A trusted recommendation, own stuff). Went via an app to get a cheaper one (~12-15/hr) - often cancel last min or never accept job until morning of requested clean, meaning we have to rejig so someone can work at home.
Still haven't found a solution.

DelilahfromDenmark Mon 01-Apr-19 19:55:57

I live in central London and pay £12/hour. 2500 Sq ft, 5 bedroom, 4 bathrooms and she does most of it in 3 hours.
Get some recommendations from the local Facebook mums pages. Avoid agencies and go direct. Either way £22/hour is ludicrous. The max an agency around here charges is £14/hour.

KRAmum Mon 01-Apr-19 19:55:45

Thats way too much. I am on a local community app and have found cleaners on there. All come recommended. Try the app, its called, nextdoor. I live in london and pay my cleaner £12 an hr. Good luck

John470322 Mon 01-Apr-19 19:53:07

Hoping that when my hours increase again we can find a new cleaner as it makes such a difference
What we find is that having a cleaner every 4 weeks makes us tidy up, if we did not have the cleaner we would keep the house clean but not tidy. I like it tidy.

SparklyShoesandTutus Mon 01-Apr-19 19:35:24

I'm also in south east. Found agency prices to be massively inflated. Had quotes from individuals and small companies which ranged from £10-£17 per hour. We went with a individual with good references at £12 an hour. I've since dropped my hours so had to sacrifice the cleaner. Hoping that when my hours increase again we can find a new cleaner as it makes such a difference

bungaloid Mon 01-Apr-19 19:29:40

We used to pay the equivalent of about £23 an hour or something similar to a home cleaning firm franchise thing. I don't think it's insane money all things considered if you think about the cost of actually employing people to do that job, providing transport, cleaning materials, insurance, ensuring there is an element of staff cover, there is an area manager to deal with scheduling / complaints. The standard of service was very high, but clearly most people on this thread would not be prepared to pay for that kind of service. Seriously though if you are paying £10-12 / hour I don't see how that is particularly doable if there is much travel between jobs for your cleaner.

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