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To ask what will happen if I can't work?

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GreenBananaa Mon 01-Apr-19 13:38:41

I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment.

I have started a new job, part time for 3 days a week as my previous job (which I loved and was so happy in and fitted my life perfectly) suddenly cut my hours and left me with no choice but to move on.

I can only work for 3 days due to childcare for my 2 year old DS. My mum looks after him while I work as he has suspected SEN and his nursery struggle with him so will only have him for 2.5 hours a morning.

My mum is also beginning to struggle as my new job has considerably longer hours than the old job, so I am gone from early in the morning until just after DS's bedtime. My mum struggles as DS is very high needs due to the possible SEN and she also works too on my days off so between us it's a lot of work!
She has said she's not sure how much longer she will be able to help me for.
The nursery DS is currently at only do half days so wouldn't cover my work days and the only other nursery near us is too expensive on my wage.
I have spoken to my job about possibly dropping a day so as to make it easier on my mum but they don't have any vacancies for that.

A lady from CAB who has been helping us with finances said that I would not be pressured by the job centre to find work until DS is 3 which I did not know, but I am afraid to give up work as I don't know what/if any thing I would be entitled to.
I am looking for another job but am struggling to find anything that will fit around my childcare situation.

Does anyone have any experience in giving up work and receiving benefits?
Of course it would be temporary until DS reaches 3 and is entitled to the free childcare then hopefully that'll allow me some more flexibility in regards to work.

Sorry for a rambly post! Thanks in advance.

HennyPennyHorror Mon 01-Apr-19 13:42:41

Childminder? Sorry you're having a hard time. flowers Have you a partner?

trebless Mon 01-Apr-19 13:42:49

What needs does he have if you don't mind me asking? I was you 8 years ago, my ds is nearly 10 now. I had to give up work.

But I did apply for dla for my son which then also meant I was eligible for carers allowance.

You could try apply for dla but it all depends on what extra needs he has compared to a child of the same age.

If you were successful in getting dla, then your child tax credits would also go up as you would get the disability element on top of what you get now.

Does he has support in nursery?

Hollyandtheiveee Mon 01-Apr-19 13:46:29

I think you may be eligible for two year old nursery funding if you can get a diagnosis/ehcp for your son?
If you are in receipt of certain benefits you may also be eligible?

trebless Mon 01-Apr-19 13:48:56

Agree with @Hollyandtheiveee at trying to get an EHCP. You can take that anywhere as far as education goes and will also be massively beneficial for when he starts school. But again, it all depends on what his needs are.

I know it's all very overwhelming, hugs thanks

GreenBananaa Mon 01-Apr-19 13:50:01

The lady from CAB is currently helping us apply for DLA but doesn't think it's likely we will get it as he is so young, only 2, so proving that he is more hard work than an average 2 year old might be difficult.

His needs are that he has a speech delay, very limited communication which results in frequent meltdowns. He can't feed himself and will only eat certain jars of baby food.
He struggles with all the sorts of basic care like showering/bathing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, wiping face - all these cause meltdowns.
He likes to stick to his routine, he doesn't like busy or public places etc so it's quite tricky with him.
My poor mum is in her 60's and has a physically demanding job for the other 4 days of the week so I feel terrible that I'm asking her to look after DS.
But everything we've looked at alternatively is too expensive.
The only local child minder is full and has also said she wouldn't be confident managing DSs behaviour.

What I want to know really is if I gave up my job what would I do for finances? DP and I rely on my part time wage as well as his full time wage to get by so I need some sort of income.
But I'm afraid to give up my job and then be denied JSA or whatever the equivalent is.

It's a really stressful time at the moment.

trebless Mon 01-Apr-19 14:00:31

@GreenBananaa have you got any supporting evidence for his needs? Reports, appointment letters etc? They will all count for something when applying. Also ask his nursery to put something in writing as well as your mum with what his needs are. He is very young and may not get it but my son did at the age of 2.5 I think. It's worth a try. And if not then re apply.

Have you done a benefits calculator to see what you might be entitled too?

GreenBananaa Mon 01-Apr-19 14:05:05

Yes, we have paediatrician letters, SALTs letters and HV letters all that can go towards it. Fingers crossed as I don't know what else to do. Financially I have to have an income but I'm struggling to find a job that fits when I don't have suitable childcare for DS.
I'll try a benefits calculator now, thanks for the idea.

trebless Mon 01-Apr-19 14:08:55

When you apply, be negative. It's awful and makes you feel crap filling the form in but it's the only way. Also just a tip - don't use the word 'refuse' in anything you put down. They don't like that word.

Yeah try the benefit calculator. Not 100% accurate but will give you an idea.

Hope you get something sorted x

ilovecheese1 Mon 01-Apr-19 14:11:50

As a single non working parent of a 2 year old, you would be entitled to roughly £600pm plus your rent paid & a council tax reduction/ Which is why people end up having to do it even if they want to continue to work, because they’re better off. It’s insane. Unless you’re considerably well paid OP, you’re probably better off not working until you are entitled to some free child care.

GreenBananaa Mon 01-Apr-19 14:20:11

I live with my partner who works. I do wish I had known about the not being pursued to work until DS is 3 before though as I have gone through a tough time with work since finishing maternity leave.
It's such a shame my old job cut my hours as that job was a fairly good fit for me.
I hope something comes up soon or that I can get help if I'm not working because the stress of it all is making me feel so run down.

Hollyandtheiveee Mon 01-Apr-19 17:15:10

Would it not be worth pursuing a diagnosis/statement for your son? So that you could then get your free nursery hours for two year olds?

imnottoofussed Mon 01-Apr-19 17:30:51

What about working in the evenings maybe supermarket, pub or shop. Then you could be free during the day for childcare for the time when he is not at nursery?

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