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Is this an Implantation bleed?

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GeorgiaDeBelle Mon 01-Apr-19 13:09:58

Sorry posting for traffic

Im 24F. I've previously been pregnant once at 19, but had an abortion as was at University at the time. I am 10 days late for period, and my last period was on the 1st March.

Last time I was pregnant, I had a lot of symptoms- sore purple nipples, sickness, spots appearing above boobs, and a missed period. I tested when I was 4 weeks and got a negative, eventually got a positive at 6 weeks pregnant. Had these symptons from 2 weeks onwards.

This time I feel exactly the same. Boobs hurting so much I can't even shower- a sea sick feeling like I'm on a boat, the same spot has appeared between my boobs as last time too. Yesterday morning I had light pink spotting, not even showing up much on the tissue, it had light spots of red blood, and now this has become dark brown blood (more like discharge) but is gradually coming to a stop. It only appears after I wee and wipe, nothing has dropped onto pad or tampon. There is no cramping or period pain either apart from an odd squeezing sensation on my left side...

Could this be an implantation bleed? Didn't have it with PG1 and normally my periods are so heavy I fill a tampon every 2-3 hours so very surprised- I've never had spotting before either..

I also took an early detection test (clearblue) a few days ago. it came with what I believe to be a faint line...I darkened the pic on instragram and this is what came up...

Can anyone offer any light on implantation bleeding or the test? this is all very new to me...

Claire90ftm Mon 01-Apr-19 18:03:06

Uh well, I had never had spotting before either. I had been pregnant twice before and both ended in early miscarriages and then last year, I got some spotting. Assumed it was my period coming but then nothing came. I tested a couple of days later and the faintest of lines showed up. That little line became my gorgeous 6 month old son. So, yes, you can have spotting in pregnancy as implantation even if you've never had it before. Are you excited to have a baby? Actually I've got something similar this time too. I'm pregnant again and on my scan they noticed an area of bleed which is apparently from implantation but it just hasn't come out yet.

MissingSilence Mon 01-Apr-19 18:07:23

It looks like a positive test to me!

sleepylittlebunnies Mon 01-Apr-19 18:12:09

It does look positive to me. I had similar with DC3, never with the first 2. I don’t know about implantation bleeding but it was about the time that I should have got my period but apart from a bit of spotting it never really came.

sleepylittlebunnies Mon 01-Apr-19 18:12:48

Meant to say how do you feel if it is? Are you happy?

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