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PCOS - symptoms and TTC - trying Myo Inotisol

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Cafeaulait27 Mon 01-Apr-19 12:18:44

I’ve written on mum’s net before about my struggles with PCOS symptoms, most devastating of which is my hair loss on the top of my head as well as hairiness, acne and bloating.

I’ve come off the Yasmin pill after 15 years, as my mum has PCOS but doesn’t have hair loss, and never took this pill. And that’s the only difference I can think of. I’ve found lots of evidence to suggest that excessive oestrogen can actually cause hair loss, and since my testosterone is very low from the pill but oestrogen is high I figured that might be the reason.

I also discovered that having chronic high oestrogen is a cancer risk, as well as causing bloating and generally feeling rubbish. I really want to get off of synthetic hormones and correct PCOS naturally. We are also starting to try for a baby this year, I’m 31 so we figured we’d better get on with it.

So right now, I’ve cut out sugar, and I’m eating only wholewheat bread, rice and pasta (and only sparingly). Mostly eating organic eggs, two portions of meat such as chicken or steak, fish and lots of green veg such as courgettes and kale and salad.

Basically I was last on here because of going to the GP for years and never being taken seriously as apparently my PCOS isn’t serious enough, as I’m not overweight and dont have dark hair on my chin or chest. I finally managed to force a referral to an endocrinologist who frankly doesn’t seem to understand PCOS at all and is not convinced I have it as I didn’t have acne at the time (due to the pill!) and he barely looked at my hair. Also my testosterone was low (also due to the pill....)

I just wanted to share with everyone that I finally found something natural that MIGHT help with symptoms and TTC and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find it. It’s called mayo-inositol which is like a B vitamin and is basically to help with insulin resistance which a lot of people with PCOS have. I have seen lots of instances online of this being a complete game changer, so im really excited to try it and plan to update you all regularly here.

If it works I’m going to try and get it out there as much as possible as I don’t think a lot of women know. Surely if doctors told women to try this it would really help the NHS burden as well as actually helping women with PCOS the natural way!!

Anyway so I’ve ordered some off amazon. Apparently 4000mg per day is what is needed.

If you’ve tried it and it worked, I’d love to hear from you too.

I’ve posted this because I’m hoping someone else out there who is seriously depressed with PCOS and feeling hopeless might read this and have hope again.


Cafeaulait27 Mon 01-Apr-19 12:21:03

I’ve gone and spelt Myo-Inositol wrong in in the subject and don’t know how to change it... mods can you help? Thanks

Cafeaulait27 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:20:29

Quick update - took my first pills last night and this morning. Felt kind of nauseous and dizzy which was weird but I’m going to persevere and see if it improves.

Does anyone know if it helps with hair loss as well as other PCOS symptoms?

Has anyone taken it during pregnancy?

Thanks smile

ScottishBadger Thu 04-Apr-19 19:26:49

Tablet form isn't so effective- for maximum therapeutic dose use one of the powder like Zita West. Hers is the most cost effective as tablets cost almost 4 times as much for the same dose. Please be careful buying off Amazon. About 2 years ago, there were a lot of reported cases of further problems being caused by dodgy inositol

ScottishBadger Thu 04-Apr-19 19:27:41

Nausea and dizziness means you need to start at about a 1/4 dose and work up to build your tolerance.

Eliza9919 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:27:43

Look up inofolic. I'm not sure if this is the ingredient in that.

Cafeaulait27 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:40:32

Thank you. Ok I will lower my dose and just take 1 a day for a week or so. Wasn’t expecting such a dramatic effect from it really, with it being a sort of vitamin. I was feeling nauseous and dizzy at work and when I stood up from my desk I nearly fell over.

I think infolic might be the same thing... trying to check.

Wow didn’t realise the powder was better, what is it that makes it better? Just easier to absorb?

Thanks all

Cafeaulait27 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:46:58

The company was myova... they tablets don’t go out of date til 2021 and were in the ‘amazon recommends’ but, and they have a UK office and website. So I hope they are legit. But honestly I just was desperate!

Snowpaw Thu 04-Apr-19 19:56:37

I used Inifolic for about 4 months leading up to IVF treatment. Obviously have no hard scientific evidence of how it affected me, but I produced a lot of eggs and made 8 good quality embryos, the first of which implanted successfully and she’s now 5 months old. Can’t say for sure whether the Inofolic had a part to play in the success but thought I’d share my story!

Cafeaulait27 Thu 04-Apr-19 20:35:19

Snow paw that’s great! Congratulations! I hope it works for me.

Dreambigger Thu 04-Apr-19 20:59:39

I have PCOS too and used myo inositol (the powder from Lamberts) while TTC (at 41) after trying for a year..I never noticed any side effects but I credit it with our success.

Cafeaulait27 Thu 04-Apr-19 21:12:25

Dreambigger that’s great! How old are your child/children now?

Did it help you with other symptoms? X

Dreambigger Thu 04-Apr-19 22:12:51

No I honestly hadn't noticed any changes but got pregnant within a few months. It was recommended to me by a gynaecologist who highly rated it for PCOS. (I had a DD conceived on Clomid, 5 years ago as I wasn't ovulating at all but once I had her a lot of my symptoms disappeared and have ovulated normally since....didnt want to take Clomid again so went to get some advice and this is how I ended up taking it) I think the low GI diet is also effective to reduce symptoms . It can be difficult to find a doctor who knows much about should be taken more seriously....Fingers crossed it works for you.

TuppenceFaithfully Thu 04-Apr-19 22:19:42

I have lean PCOS and found myo inositol brilliant - I took the powder and conceived three months after I started taking it. I also lost weight, was less anxious and just felt better on it! I guess this could all be to do with something else and I certainly did improve my diet too, but I think inositol played a big part.

longtimelurkerfirsttimeposter Thu 04-Apr-19 22:31:28

I have lean PCOS. Took inofolic for less than 3 months before BFP. No medical interventions. After trying for 4 years. Took it all through pregnancy and had a wonderful, symptom free pregnancy and straight forward birth.

Currently pregnant again, literally first try and absolutely believe it is because I am still taking inofolic.

It's amazing stuff and worked for me.

I will caveat that by saying someone I know who also takes it has not had the same success..

Catconfusion Wed 10-Apr-19 08:47:20

Hi everyone,

I'm considering taking the Zita West Inofolic.

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in my early 30s with ultrasound, bloods normal. I'm 39 now and started temping 3 months before my wedding to see how things were. Was really happy to see ovulation every cycle though very irregular periods. I fell pregnant first cycle trying though ended in missed miscarriage. On the scan they said I no longer have cysts. I then got pregnant again but another early loss. I can't help think the condition is causing the miscarriages. This cycle my temps are showing failed ovulation. I've not seen this in temps since I started so I'm scared I'm now becoming more symptomatic of PCO (not sure full syndrome as no other symptoms)

Is it ok to start inofolic in the middle of a cycle? Is it likely to induce ovulation? Or should I wait until after I start a period? Thanks in advance for any advice! Xx

longtimelurkerfirsttimeposter Sat 13-Apr-19 05:36:19

Hi Cat, I personally started taking mine straight away, didn't wait for a particular part of the cycle. Hope that helps.

Dracey Wed 29-May-19 13:52:45

I would love an update on this. I have been taking inofolic for 2 months and am not sure if it is doing anything. I've been trying to conceive for over a year now and would really like to know if I'm waisting my time and money on this

Blackcountrychik83 Wed 29-May-19 14:24:01

I would love tips on the hair loss too.
I have Pcos. I don't want anymore kids and the only symptoms I seem to have is the weight gain, the lack of periods and the hair loss. My hair is so so thin, I'm getting bald patches too. I'm losing confidence. I went to the doctor she wasn't bothered about my hair just the fact I hadn't had a period for 3 years.
I would rather have hair!!!

Dracey Mon 03-Jun-19 22:21:13

Actually that is one thing inofolic has helped with is my hair. Mine was starting to go thin but it is looking better 2 months of taking inofolic. That and I think ovulation pain but have only ovulated ones since being on it.

amysara24 Sun 28-Jul-19 09:25:18

This thread has been so helpful. OP, I feel our situations are very similar. I came off Yasmin 18 months ago after 13 years, and have since been told I have PCOS and have not had a single cycle in those 18 months.
I’ve just ordered some of this, as well as taking pregnacare pre conception, chasteberry extract and zinc. Trying everything while waiting on the sub-fertility clinic and endocrinology referrals coming through!
Never thought jut would be so hard to conceive after spending so long on contraception to prevent it 🙁🙁

Actionhasmagic Sun 28-Jul-19 09:49:47

Good luck to you I really hope it works out

NameChangedForThis456 Sun 28-Jul-19 09:58:45

Does anybody know if you can take this whilst on antidepressents?

AccioCoffee Sun 28-Jul-19 10:17:28

Just to add I am the same as op. I have been taking

- inositol (my protein)
- biotin tablets (myvitamins)
- saw palmetto tablets (myvitamins)
- drinking spearmint tea, can only buy online I get mine from amazon.

-collagen and coconut (myvitamins), not pcos related just for health purposes

Research suggests they all help with pcos symptoms and to be honest they are all working. My hair loss has slowed down and my acne isn't as bad. I only started them 12 days ago so I'm pleased so far and will continue to take. All are supposed to help lower testosterone and symptoms of pcos.

Inositol has no impact on the pill so you can take it alongside

AccioCoffee Sun 28-Jul-19 10:17:52

Meant antidepressants

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