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AIBU to share this here too?

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 01-Apr-19 10:21:20

I honestly despair at the mindset of the London Assembly who on the one hand is establishing the ultra low emission zone in London and with the other, planning to increase air pollution by burning more waste in North London. Surely we need to be spending money on improving our recycling capabilities?!

Please sign and share this petition:

Tomtontom Mon 01-Apr-19 10:23:23

Yes, you are being unreasonable. You've already started a thread on the subject.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 01-Apr-19 10:28:12

Yes I know.
Just posted then figured that more people might see this one 🤷🏻‍♀️

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 01-Apr-19 10:28:36

Did you sign Tom?

DontCallMeShitley Mon 01-Apr-19 11:10:58

They also need to stop builders burning waste instead of paying to take it to the dump, there is a permanent fog of stink here with all the houses that are being renovated.

We are given the privilege of paying for a green waste collection but people are still allowed to burn garden waste.

These things need to stop too. Charging for use of the tip is a major problem.

Eliza9917 Mon 01-Apr-19 13:26:38

I'm on the fence. The plant there at the moment chucks out an awful smell sometimes, like ammonia or something, but, we also need to get rid of our waste somehow. We can reduce/re-use/recycle as much as possible etc but there will still be waste that can't be.

Is this not going to be a waste to power plant rather than just an incinerator?

I'd have thought that with all the homes destruction of the lea & marshes they are building at meridian water that a straight up incinerator would be in too close proximity to the houses? There's no residential properties right near it atm.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 01-Apr-19 13:26:57

Agreed don'tcallme!

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