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Pretty please, tell me what your lymph nodes feel like?!

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jinglebellmel Mon 01-Apr-19 10:20:30

*I know I should go to the Dr and I will try to get an appointment today.

In the mean time can anyone feel their lymph nodes (and doesn't have a throat infection or something obvious)? I can feel them in my neck, groin and above collar bone , which I understand is not good confused
They don't hurt and are all fairly small, apart two under my chin/jaw which are huge (but I think they've been there for years so maybe salivary glands?) They've been there at least 3 weeks, but could have been much longer. I know they need to be checked and no one here can diagnose me, I know the possible nasty causes of this. I'm just wondering if for some people its normal to be able to feel them.
I'm been suffering with a bit of anxiety about daily headaches (which I'm waiting to see a neurologist for) and this is now sending me over the edge!!

Cherylshaw Mon 01-Apr-19 10:28:01

Both my dp and dc have obvious lymph nodes around their necks. They feel like little frozen peas, dps can be larger but they both have them even when not unwell.
You definitely should go and see go as you have them in a lot of places, even just for your sanity

AnnieMay100 Mon 01-Apr-19 10:39:33

How strange I woke up feeling mine today but only on one side. It’s swollen and hurts but I haven’t been unwell lately so no idea what’s causing it. I’ve taken some pain killers to see if that helps before seeing a doctor. They generally for draining illnesses from the body and fighting infection so perhaps you’re coming down with a bug and your body is fighting it before symptoms begin. Hopefully someone has a good suggestion or knows the cause for us

jinglebellmel Mon 01-Apr-19 10:55:10

Thanks Cherylshaw I will mention it to the GP, I'm sure they think I'm a hypochondriac at this stage though as I've gone from never going to the GP to going about once a week!

AnnieMay100 If it hurts I think that's actually a good sign! Means its most likely due to an infection of some sort.

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