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To wonder how to relearn to be sociable?

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KateGrey Mon 01-Apr-19 10:06:01

We’ve had a very hard few years as two of our children have disabilities and school have been a nightmare. Things seem on a more even keel but I’ve found myself without friends. The few I had have dropped me with one letting me down badly. I now have a full school day free but have nothing outside of walking our dog to fill it with. I’m not even sure my social skills are up to scratch anymore as I’ve spent so long talking/dealing with all issues relating to Sen. My interests are mostly solitary. How do I start to make friends? I’m interested in people but I’m aware I’ve become very guarded and am now even more introverted than before.

Planetian Mon 01-Apr-19 10:24:10

I’ve had trouble in this department recently OP, I was a SAHM for a few years and had my DC very close together and was so consumed with all things baby that I’m having to relearn how be a sociable adult again now that I’m getting out of the baby haze.

My interests are also solitary but you’ll find a group of anything these days. I joined a book club and a creative writing class, it’s been great! I found them on Meetup - give it a google and see if there’s anything of interest in your area. There’s craft meetups/yoga/walking clubs etc etc.

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 01-Apr-19 10:40:15

See if your library has any book groups.
Look up any ramblers or walking groups in your area.
Would you be interested in volunteering? Maybe a shop, surestart or a befriending service like age concern?

KateGrey Mon 01-Apr-19 19:18:37

I feel I’ve lost the social touch around how to actually have a conversation. Especially outside of the kids and special needs. Good advice on the groups. I suppose I’m just worried that I’ll seem like a real loser.

TooOldForThisWhoCares Mon 01-Apr-19 19:20:23

Do you actually really want to be sociable or just feel you should?

KateGrey Wed 03-Apr-19 19:02:38

I’d like to do something as I feel very lonely. And I’d like a bit more social contact.

MIA12 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:05:42

I very much doubt you’ll seem like a loser OP. I agree that a club is a nice introduction as you have whatever the club is centred around as a common theme to chat about.

Peterpiperpickedwrong Wed 03-Apr-19 19:11:50

Is their a nearby community cafe you could visit? They tend to have groups info/talks or a if there is local community centre you could go and have a look on their notice boards see if there is anything that happens on your free day -yoga, meditation, tai chi or film showings or whatever.
At a push you could always sign up to be a volunteer somewhere, just for a couple of hours -foodbank/charity shop or whatever. That way you will be interacting with other volunteers who may be in a similar situation and could introduce you to other groups/ideas.

Leeds2 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:34:30

Or could you volunteer in your DC's school?

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