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PTA deadlock!

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drizzletits Mon 01-Apr-19 04:03:05

I need some perspective and not sure this is the right place but it's worth a shot.

And by the way this is the sort of thing that is making me feel like I regret taking the chair position for the primary school PTA because it's like a political minefield.

The primary school has traditionally run their summer fete on a Friday, immediately after school for 2 hrs. Last year it was an exception and on a Saturday to raise extra funds for play equipment and the 80th anniversary. It was a huge success and a lot of feedback and requests to do it on a Saturday going forward, because parents who worked through the week, could actually attend.

I chaired the proposal and was told the head wouldn't allow it as she can't force her teachers to help on a Saturday, but I insisted that I wouldn't expect anyone to be forced. Had a chat with the head and said if she could just find out who would be able to help then we could fill the gaps if we had advanced noticed. She agreed.

Back to the committee and they push for another vote via Facebook but the algorithm changed so didn't get any responses at all. We agreed I'd look at available Saturdays. Managed to find one. Next meeting everyone agrees although there's a few that can't help on the day because of birthdays or clubs for kids. 2 out of 7. We had already booked a face painter and some swing boats and a merry go round for a provisional Friday date, so we agreed to contact the suppliers and try and change the dates.

Then, through the PTA WhatsApp group the messages started to try and undo the committee decision. Or that's how it reads.

The face painter is already booked for the new date and the fairground rides are booked for the next door village fete so not available. Then came the "oooo we will
Loose lots of people from the village fete " and we need to remember we are not doing a special fete as it's not a big year to raise lots of funds, it was a lot of hard work and let's stick to the original plan.

It's only coming from 3 members of the committee but they are the longest serving and are refusing to acknowledge a different Saturday.

I feel like I've been given excuse after excuse not to move it and they are determined to be difficult. Should I back down or stick to the feedback from parents?

Trying not to be biased, but a high proportion of parents can't or won't take time off work on a Friday to come and enjoy it. We won't get as many volunteers to help and those that do volunteer would have to find someone to look after their children or look after them whilst helping. I don't know of any other school in the town that has theirs on a weekday either. But this is all fairly new to me so please, any advice?

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