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Bronte123 Mon 01-Apr-19 01:52:26

Hi there i am feeling battered and bruised after quite a bad outdoor class. I went four days in pain in my ribs before going to an a&e walk in centre. I had no bruises in that area and that is why i left it so long. I was seen by a male nurse and i am feeling a little uneasy ,a really friendly man. I had extreme pain in my right ribs the nurse examined me bare breasts checking my lungs. He then told me to lie down he checked my tummy.....I told him i had no other pain. He then lifted the waist of my jogging pants lifted the left hand side of my knickers,felt just above my groin. I have never experienced anything like this and i was highly medicated at the time. I have discussed this with my husband who said a female should have been present. This man walked out with me saying he should join the class and i saw a colleague of his take interest. She was watching him.....can anyone with medical knowledge please advise. I am not looking to report it i think it is something that is playing on my mind. Please no negative comments i was in severe pain at the time and trusted a friendly face.

Smotheroffive Mon 01-Apr-19 02:04:47

highly medicated on what, why, when was it given, what effect?

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