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Complicated post issue

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Pollywaffed Mon 01-Apr-19 01:02:40

I received something in the mail, to my address but to a name I didn't recognise. It had come from a foreign country and looked official. I wasn't sure that putting return to sender would work outside of the UK, so I opened it to see if it was important.

It turns out it was actually for the previous owner of the house that we've lived in for 12 years, but under a different name. They had been married to someone else in the other country and their spouse had died (while married), and the law in the country has recently changed so that they are now eligible for some kind of payment! Obviously a quite personal and important letter.

I have no contact info for this person or their (new) spouse that we bought the house from anymore. I managed to track down that spouse on Facebook and sent a message saying to get in touch but I know they often don't get seen.

Also on googling their name I found a workplace, which I called and left my contact details for them to get in touch with me as I had some important post for them. Apparently they only work there once a month but they said they'd pass on my message.

I haven't heard a thing and it has been at least a month now. Have I done enough? Too much? HIBU? Should I just post it all back to the foreign country? I'm worried that this person will never have this information unless I succeed in passing it on!

Boredgiraffes Mon 01-Apr-19 01:07:07

I’d you don’t return to sender then they’ll have no way of knowing it hasn’t been received

Pollywaffed Mon 01-Apr-19 01:08:47

Good point, I've been too focused on getting it to them, I should just try and get it back to where it came from.

Boredgiraffes Mon 01-Apr-19 01:09:41

Plus there is this “According to the Postal Services Act 2000, it is illegal to open mail that is not addressed to you”. Send it back return to sender

SuchAToDo Mon 01-Apr-19 01:11:47

I would try and get a phone number for the work them, tell you need to get hold of Mr X with regards to important post for him and that he can contact you at xxxxxx number....and then call later to see if they passed the message on...

Does the previous resident have any Facebook friends that look like they could be relatives or real life friends?...if so start messaging them and contact them to pass on a messenger

Also.have you tried sending him a message via facebook messenger rather than Inboxing him....or even go to his most recent Facebook post and regardless of what it's about, post a comment for him saying hi, this is X who moved in your old house, I've been trying to track you down and even contacted your work...I have a important item of post to pass on, so if you can get in touch so I can pass it on...

Merryoldgoat Mon 01-Apr-19 01:39:01

Contact the solicitor who handled the sale - they’ll have your vendor’s solicitor’s details which will include forwarding address.

melj1213 Mon 01-Apr-19 01:56:36

“According to the Postal Services Act 2000, it is illegal to open mail that is not addressed to you”

This is not true - it's only illegal if you open it with the explicit intention of withholding it from the rightful recipient.

A person commits an offence if, intending to act to a person's detriment and without reasonable excuse, opens a postal packet which they know or suspect to have been delivered incorrectly."

I am the only adult who resides in my home, and my DD doesn't get much mail (bar the odd birthday card or postcard from family and friends etc) so I don't even read the front of any envelopes that come through my door as I automatically assume they are for me.

There has been the odd occasion where a neighbour's mail has got in with mine but as soon as I've opened the envelope I've usually realised and put it back without reading further. I then just take it round with an apology that I hadnt noticed and brought it round as soon as I realised. Nobody has ever been pissed off or angry, just thankful to get their post.

IAmNotAWitch Mon 01-Apr-19 02:00:09

There seems to be a rash of people opening other people's mail and the stressing about it.

Stop doing it.

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