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First Mothers day annoyance

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ilovesooty Mon 01-Apr-19 00:45:44

Why does a box of chocolates show any more evidence of recognition than a card?

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 01-Apr-19 00:45:39

First Mother's Day is weirdly emotional and odd. Your DC is too small to do anything so it becomes a strange weight of responsibility on your partner to show how much your being a mother means to him. It's not great. You've done such a massive thing, it's difficult to quantify with a day.

Just chalk it up to expectations and wait a few years. The sticky pictures, cards with 'love you mummy' written on them, and the very poorly made breakfasts will make up for all this.


MusaMama Mon 01-Apr-19 00:41:16

So its my first mothers day and all i got was a card! I am feeling dissapointed but pretending all is fine to not ruin the day. I did drop hints about a present n also said to keep within £10 budget. Wud hve been happy with a mum mug or box of chocs even. Just something to show a little recognition and effort. Anyway nevermind. Dh did offer to take me shopping at 7pm once he saw images of sisters mothers day display but i said no as it was more about the thought not a mad rush shop. Rant over n out.

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