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Rash Pic Included

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newname12019 Sun 31-Mar-19 21:05:45

Does anyone know what this rash could be on dd6. She isn't unwell it's just really itchy. If it's still there tomorrow will take her to the pharmacy.

Biscusting Sun 31-Mar-19 21:07:59

My eczema would look like that when i’d scratched it. If you’ve got any E45 that’ll help a bit.

Legallygrey Sun 31-Mar-19 21:10:01

contact dermatitis? anything she has been in contact with? is it anywhere else?

BloodsportForAll Sun 31-Mar-19 21:11:29

Eczema. Mum has it, I have it, my youngest has it, my partner has it, dad has it, brother has it.

It's been scratched. Some diprobase cream will help.

BloodsportForAll Sun 31-Mar-19 21:11:43

Oh wait, it's cetraben we have.

newname12019 Sun 31-Mar-19 21:12:55

It's just on her arm at the minute but she has started itching her legs. She has been out playing in woods most of today so I am not sure if she has come into contact with something there. I didn't have any e45 so have put some aveeno on it.

Legallygrey Sun 31-Mar-19 21:16:46

aveeno will do the same job. if you have some piriton medicine you could try that too. keep an eye on it, hopefully it will settle

BlackeyedGruesome Sun 31-Mar-19 21:20:26

Insect bites possibly, with the tops scratched off.

Teachtolive Sun 31-Mar-19 22:37:03

Looks like a cluster of hives to me

Queenie8 Sun 31-Mar-19 23:21:31


Ihatehashtags Mon 01-Apr-19 05:20:55

Eczema or contact dermatitis

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