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To be pissed off that it's Mother's Day and...

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FairfaxAikman Sun 31-Mar-19 18:19:22

DH had fucked off for a nap?

We've both been up early to visit respective family (mine live a bit away) but despite me doing all the driving (DH can't for medical reasons) he's "tired".

This is despite the fact he gets a relatively solid night every night. We both get up at 5am for work, but I do all night wakings with DS - DH simply doesn't hear him and any attempts by him to calm DS in the night only make him more hysterical.

DH is now pissed off that I've woken him to cook tea (about the only household chore that is exclusively "his" - I do pretty much everything else on a regular basis with him chipping in occasionally) but also because I know if he kept napping he'll not sleep tonight and keep me awake pissing about on his phone or being like a fairy elephant pottering around downstairs.

FudgeBrownie2019 Sun 31-Mar-19 18:23:35

On the surface him popping up for a nap isn't a great big deal. Underneath it sounds like there's more layers to the pissed-off-ness than just a nap, and you might need to have an open, frank conversation with him about how you're feeling and how unsupported you are.

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