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To wonder if secondary is like this or is this bullying

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Somethingsosimple Sun 31-Mar-19 14:57:21

Ds has just started in year 7 at a all boys school. He became very tearful today and told us that last week a boy in the changing room shoved him so hard he fell half way across the changing room and face planted on the floor. He tried not too cry but said he was really shaken and hurt. There was no previous altercation but the boy laughed. He is twice the size of my son. He has told us also that another boy in his class has been swearing at my son on a online game that he was playing and said he hated my son. He has come from a lovely small primary school where he never encountered any bullying and had friends so this is quite a shock. He is my first to go to secondary school so not sure if I’m being naive.

Saucery Sun 31-Mar-19 14:59:49

Absolutely not acceptable. He needs to tell a teacher (his form tutor might be best if he doesn’t want to tell the teacher in the specific lesson). Any decent school will have an eye out for bullying of Yr 7 in particular. All boys’ schools should not be, and are usually not, the exception to a robust and effective Anti Bullying Policy.

CourgettiSpaghetti Sun 31-Mar-19 15:13:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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