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To be sick of motor/dirt/quad bikes?

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sandytoes84 Sun 31-Mar-19 12:22:51

Live in a quiet town popular for outdoor pursuits - lots of vans and trailers here each weekend with bikes, canoes, rock climbing mats etc, it’s great.

But the bloody motorbikes, dirt bikes and quad bikes drive me nuts! So loud and obnoxious. Neighbour and his mates revving their dirt bikes (on a very quiet cul de sac with an average age of about 70!) at 10 on a Sunday morning before they go to rip up the tracks that are for everyone’s use. I know the mountain bikers and walkers find it very frustrating to see the damage caused by motorised vehicles.

Shouting so loud at each other because they can’t hear themselves over the racket.

I know everyone has a right to use public spaces but am I being unreasonable in thinking they are being obnoxious and a bit selfish?!

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