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Sinusitis- what the fuck?!

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LottieLou90 Sun 31-Mar-19 05:28:39

Hi all,

Apologies, posting here for traffic.

I’m sure I have sinusitis. I am currently getting over what has been an awful cold / flu thing and I feel like my head is going to explode now.

My nose is blocked to fuck, my eyes, ears, head, cheeks, jaw basically my whole face and head is so bloody painful I want to cry but I can’t because I might pass out from the pain. Also, my nose is making this ‘clicking’ sound like it’s attempting morse code and whenever I blow my nose, it’s like I’m blowing Slimer from Ghostbusters out (sorry tmi)

I’ve managed about 2 hours sleep so far. The things I have tried, and failed, to ease the pain - warm flannel over face, propping myself up in bed, paracetamol and ibuprofen, vicks rub under my nostrils and temples, massaging (practically rubbing) my head and face.

Nothings working. I’m fucking fucked off, DD6 will be up in about an hour as she is excited about mother’s day and it’s my birthday in a couple of days 😫

I just want to sleep. I’ve gone from feeling very sorry for myself to just pure anger from the agony.

Please, does anyone have any tips or advice? Does this sound like sinusitis? Need to hopefully minimise the pain for today at least.


JudgeRindersMinder Sun 31-Mar-19 05:34:19

It does sound like sinusitis-you have my sympathy, I used to suffer really badly with it when I was younger and get so swollen I was like the elephant woman!
It looks like you’ve already tried a lot, the one thing that helped me
Was with my head bent forward to stroke over my sinuses, but to only stroke downwards, not upwards. Apologies for upcoming grossness, but this got the snot moving and eventually my nose would run like a tap. It never totally cleared it, but it did take some of the pressure off

frazzledasarock Sun 31-Mar-19 05:36:21

I always end up with sinus infections when recovering from a cold.

If it gets to the stage yours has I usually end up going to the gp as it tends to need antibiotics to clear up.

Other than that, take pain killers, steam to (temporarily) clear your sinuses a bit. My SIL told me to take antihistamine to help clear mucus but I don’t know how well that works as haven’t tried it.

If you have a high temperature and you’ve had sinus infection for a couple of days I would ring GP or 111 and ask for advice. Mine does tend to then turn into tonsillitis if it’s really bad and then I end up at doctors anyway.

ScarletBitch Sun 31-Mar-19 05:36:31

Go turn your shower on, hottest setting, shut windows and door and leave it running so the bathroom steams up. Just sit and inhale. Hopefully this will help.

LottieLou90 Sun 31-Mar-19 05:41:04

Thank you @JudgeRindersMinder

Going to try that now. Is it ok to blow my nose still or would that just aggravate it?

I’ve never had this before, the pressure and pain is awful.

Fantababy Sun 31-Mar-19 05:42:11

Definitely sounds like sinusitis. I thought I had a brain tumour first time I had it!
I took solpadine which worked fairly quickly I think.

Tashtegotoo Sun 31-Mar-19 05:42:32

I'm not a doctor/nurse and anything vaguely medical. I also don't suffer with sinusitis. However my sister does and she had had a lot of success with a nasal wash. She buys ready made stuff and has a neti pot but you can make your own solution very easily.

LottieLou90 Sun 31-Mar-19 05:42:37

Thanks all for your replies. Will try the hot shower / steam thing also.

LottieLou90 Sun 31-Mar-19 05:47:14

@Fantababy - yes! That’s how to describe it. My god. What makes it worse is DH is sleeping soundly next to me, managed to dodge the cold altogether too. 😡

Not that I’m wishing him ill but I’d rather it had been on a different day.

Thank you @Tashtegotoo will attempt the solution later on today.

flumpybear Sun 31-Mar-19 05:51:08

You need decongestant tablets

There's a nasal spray too

They're Marvellous!!

TheSandgroper Sun 31-Mar-19 06:00:32

Decongestants like Sudafed to make your nose run. Be wary as they can cause hyperactivity. Garlic and horseradish tabs are good. Loads of steam. No gluten (doing that fixed me for good), no cows milk. Sleep propped up.

Oysterbabe Sun 31-Mar-19 06:10:45

I had this for 2 weeks when pregnant. I fantasised about shooting myself in the face. I hope you feel better soon.

jemihap Sun 31-Mar-19 06:15:57

Probably the most painful and uncomfortable condition I've ever had, the pain and pressure behind my eyes was indescribable!

Once it did eventually manage to start to clear there was thick almost black blood clots in my tissues for days afterwards (sorry for tmi)

I've never been quite the same since and now permanently have a slightly stuffed up feeling in my nose.

Inneedofadvice27 Sun 31-Mar-19 06:16:50

Hey I agree with flumpybear Nasal sprays work fastest and the effects last longest, you won’t regret the trip to he chemist. Steam and all that are useless when it’s really bad.

mclady Sun 31-Mar-19 06:24:16

You can get a spray called Sterimar. It's an aerosol water spray you can douche your nose with. I get recurrent sinusitis and this has been a game changer.

LottieLou90 Sun 31-Mar-19 06:28:53

Fab. Thanks again. Will get DH to get some decongestant and nasal spray.

@Oysterbabe - normally this type of comment would make me laugh, however I find myself feeling the exact same right now.

This is the first time I’ve had this, and I can’t actually believe the pain it is causing.

Made a huge mistake and tried to blow my nose. My god! Felt like my brain was trying to squeeze out my ears and eyes 😫

I thought the cold / flu thing was bad. I would do anything to have that back and for this to fuck off.

LottieLou90 Sun 31-Mar-19 06:31:39

@mclady is that from chemist or any shop?

The thought of douching my nostrils makes me feel rather queasy BUT I will try absolutely anything right about now.

FraggleRocking Sun 31-Mar-19 06:38:41

If you can get to a pharmacist that is open on a Sunday (there usually is one in the area on rotation) buy some actifed tablets. They should relieve you a bit and help you sleep as they have drowsy side effects until you can see a GP for some antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon.

mclady Sun 31-Mar-19 06:38:49

Don't worry, I was terrified but now I find it quite refreshing. Be prepared for how much crap it will help you shift too. I got mine from the pharmacy, but it was on the shelf so you would probably get it in a supermarket.

GertrudeCB Sun 31-Mar-19 06:44:00

Get thee to a pharmacy today. Strongest sudafed and cocodamol. I have had it a few times and it is awful. If the discharge is green you may need to see your go for antibiotics.

Bluelonerose Sun 31-Mar-19 06:44:10

Oh op I had this for the first time in my life a few weeks ago I was sure my head was going to explode.
Before that ide had a bad cold so just carried on using them and I didn't need the Drs.
Honey and lemon moved in hot water and vicks on bottom on your feet before bed.
Hope you feel better soon.

Bluelonerose Sun 31-Mar-19 06:45:08

Mixed not moved although technically you ARE moving things with a spoon grin

Bibijayne Sun 31-Mar-19 06:47:25

Olbas oil nasal thingy. Only stuff that does the trick with me (I also currently have sinusitis!)

OldSpeclkledHen Sun 31-Mar-19 06:48:19

@LottieLou90 Sudafed, over the counter sinus and congestion tablets. Only thing yay works for me.

Also heard (read on here) good things about sinus rinse (but sounded too gross for me to try) but needs must.

Also yes to hot shower, but I only find relief when actually IN shower, when step out, it start all again 🙄

Feeling your pain though, it's grim, hope you find something that works for you pdq


OutComeTheWolves Sun 31-Mar-19 06:52:42

IMO it's the worst of all the minor illnesses because it really bloody hurts. You have my sympathies op.

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