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To think catcalling is as bad as ever?

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Thisnamechanger Sun 31-Mar-19 00:10:04

Ten years ago I cut my hair very short and gradually got a load of piercings and switched to trousers and sneakers over skirts and heels...and I got catcalled less.

I recently accidentally went into a clothing store (that wasn't a charity shop for the first time in ages) and for the first time since my twenties decided to go a bit mad and buy a quite short dress. It's very cute...skater style NO means obscene...just a regular short dress with black tights...

I put it on this morning with some heeled shoeboots and went food shopping. I got three remarks, out loud, from men. In the space of less than an hour.

It makes me so sad/angry/scared.

It makes me want to wear dungerees and hoodie and look at the floor as I walk around.

I love the dress though...but maybe I shouldn't wear it again sad

OhLookMarch Sun 31-Mar-19 00:22:19

Get a bloody grip

Thisnamechanger Sun 31-Mar-19 00:23:28

Get a bloody grip

.....thanks. Helpful.

OhLookMarch Sun 31-Mar-19 00:27:21

Well I'm sorry but you did ask. If you like the dress that's all that matters. You shouldn't not wear it or feel scared just because of a couple of idiotic men. Just ignore their sad behavior

Thisnamechanger Sun 31-Mar-19 00:36:36

You can't always ignore it. Walking home at 2/3am before I've had some very scary men try and block my path to make me engage with them. Ive run before.

I was shocked how much a short dress made it worse even in daylight shock

WhenISnappedAndFarted Sun 31-Mar-19 00:41:29

I wear headphones all the time when I go out now, even if they aren't turned on. I know I'm not going to get hassled that way.

I still sometimes hear them shouting something, however for some reason I feel safer them thinking I can't hear them.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 31-Mar-19 00:41:50

Just ignore their sad behavior

And then 100% of men just good naturedly take your ignoring or comment back with good grace. None of them turn into arseholes when you reject their repulsive suggestions. Sorry, that's wrong. And luckily it's completely possible to tell which men are going to turn. That's wrong too.

I think things have improved a bit but the wankers are still there.

gluteustothemaximus Sun 31-Mar-19 00:43:49

Yes it is pathetic how men catcall/intimidate over an item of clothing.

I rarely go out and when I do, I don't wear dresses. Women moderate behaviour. Men don't moderate theirs.

Still a way to go.

IWantMyHatBack Sun 31-Mar-19 00:45:39


Are you fucking kidding??

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