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Dave Allen

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PositiveVibez Sat 30-Mar-19 23:52:36

Just watching an old show. Aibu to think that if he were alive today, he would have a bloody field day!

PositiveVibez Sat 30-Mar-19 23:55:35

In the name of the father, and of the son, and into the hole he goes 🤣🤣

frankie001 Sun 31-Mar-19 00:19:59

Watched some too. Before my time but found him quite funny!

Bunnylady53 Sun 31-Mar-19 00:22:42

Loved him! Always remember “ Big Daddy, The Kid & Spooky”!! 😂

thenightsky Sun 31-Mar-19 00:24:26

And may your God go with you.

Korvalscat Sun 31-Mar-19 00:25:38

I recently watched him talking about teaching children to tell the time. My dgs1 is learning this at the moment and it is particularly apt.

MissLadyM Sun 31-Mar-19 00:27:09

Very sexy too! ☺️

HelenaDove Sun 31-Mar-19 00:27:20

Love him. Funny insightful and intelligent. I highly recommend The Essential Dave Allen by Graham McCann.

RancidOldHag Sun 31-Mar-19 00:27:43

I remember watching his show when I was a kid - lived it then, and mildly horrified my parents when they realised I 'got' jokes they thought should go over my head.

What I didn't know about was the more serious side (documentaries, straight acting)

Or that he was banned (in Ireland?) for a while for the Pope striptease sketch!

HelenaDove Sun 31-Mar-19 00:28:39

@MissLadyM Yes There is something about a man in a waistcoat. Ditto Edward Woodward in The Equalizer (Im watching reruns on Forces TV.

Hellenbackagen Sun 31-Mar-19 00:32:31

yanbu. i used to love watching him. and i liked the mix of stand up (or sit down with a fag and whisky!) and sketches. i thought he was hilarious.
and wise. his humour was full of wisdom and honesty and i liked him.

PositiveVibez Sun 31-Mar-19 00:38:51

full of wisdom and honesty and i liked him 😍

Absolutepowercorrupts Sun 31-Mar-19 02:06:29

The night sky
That phrase always struck a chord with me. may your God go with you
I loved the way he just sat there on his high stool with his whisky and cigarettes in hand, he was just chatting away and he yet had a perspective that was very different from the comedians of that time. I'm over 60 now so that was a long time ago, his humour was actually entertaining.
He didn't tell jokes, no punchlines, it was a stream of observations about every day human life. Fabulous man

LoudJazzHands Sun 31-Mar-19 02:10:22

My Mum loved him and fancied him so I grew up watching him. Amazing comedian whose work is still funny today.

I didn't realise his wife was pregnant when he died sad

Soverytiredofeverythinggoingon Sun 31-Mar-19 02:54:30

I was lucky enough to see him live due to my Dad being involved with the company he was working for. A fab bloke, so funny, tonight's show made me weep tears of sadness and laughter in equal measure. As a lapsed Catholic his comments were spot on!

ThanosSavedMe Sun 31-Mar-19 03:24:31

Love Dave Allen

DemelzaPoldarksshinerrefiner Sun 31-Mar-19 03:30:55

The funeral race.

ICantBelieveIDidThis Sun 31-Mar-19 03:32:35

I used to love him, as did my Irish family.

Verbal humour and slapstick, taking the piss out of the Catholic Church.

I saw him live and it was genius. An entire London theatre howling with laughter. I was crying with laughter and almost wet myself.

Willow2017 Sun 31-Mar-19 04:22:28

A bloody genius.
Loved him. So insightful and irreverent without going down the route of nastiness. A man of many talents.
Yep he would have had a field day just now.

AlexaAmbidextra Sun 31-Mar-19 08:14:52

I loved him. He was so funny. And as someone said upthread, very sexy. 😄. Most of today’s supposed comedians leave me cold. Just so unfunny.

Pinkyponkcustard Sun 31-Mar-19 08:18:32

He would have made a great James Bond

Lungelady Sun 31-Mar-19 08:20:38

Love him too.
A very insightful man. And sexy smile

Hairynick Sun 31-Mar-19 08:29:27

I loved him, so funny, smart humour.

bellinisurge Sun 31-Mar-19 08:29:59

I remember watching him as a kid - can't believe my strict parents let me do this. But I think they forgot I was there!

TheLastPharl Sun 31-Mar-19 08:32:06

Loved him as a kid. Just so funny.

Gorgeous tooblush

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