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To find this creepy?

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Ella1980 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:17:22

So my ex-husband and I have been separated for five years, divorced for two. He messages me tonight referring to me as my name that I had on a dating website two years after I split from him! Is this creepy or what?!! He's proper unhinged.

DaisyDuvetDays Sun 31-Mar-19 00:07:35

What was the point of his message? Or just hello Ella.
Eek maybe he's on mumsnet too

Ella1980 Sun 31-Mar-19 00:15:42

It wasn't Ella on there! He hates the thought of me being with another man I think. Well tough luck mate, I've been with a few since I've left you (all nicer than you, even the ghoster) and I'm getting married next year! #jogon!

PregnantSea Sun 31-Mar-19 02:32:55

I would just reply saying "no thanks".

What a dickhead. Sounds like you're well shot of him OP grin

Yekrats Sun 31-Mar-19 03:16:34

Less creepy, more a sign that he hasn't moved on and is still very much interested in you and your activities.

poglets Sun 31-Mar-19 03:25:17

Don't reply. It will annoy him.

Smotheroffive Sun 31-Mar-19 03:32:51

Yes, odd, especially as was from long time ago. Just completely ghost him, only way.

Also can you block? Any chance he might have thought he was a potential dating lead? Eerrgh!

Yeah, ignore it.

Boredgiraffes Sun 31-Mar-19 03:36:39

Do you have children together? If not why does he still have your number?

SalmonFishing Sun 31-Mar-19 03:47:13

So he's been tracking you on dating websites years after you've broken up and then texts you addressing you by your dating profile name from three years ago? Yes, that's creepy.

Boredgiraffes Sun 31-Mar-19 03:51:40

Or make believe?

Monty27 Sun 31-Mar-19 04:19:25

@ella @daisy those crossed wires made me smile 😊
OP he's a weirdo.
Good luck for the future flowers

DarkDarkNight Sun 31-Mar-19 04:24:00

Eurgh what a weirdo. Just letting you know he’s seen your profile? Trying to embarrass you? extremely creepy and weird.

Treacle200 Sun 31-Mar-19 08:31:29

Did he text for a reason? If he did, I would just respond and completely ignore the name thing. He is looking for a reaction, don't give him one.

Ella1980 Sun 31-Mar-19 08:31:29

Yes we have two boys together. I found it a bit disturbing as he literally went MAD when I left him. He's a controller so couldn't deal with the fact I'd disobeyed him.

I feel sorry for his gf! He's probably checking up on her too (she's 26 and he's 44, he's loaded she's unemployed etc so he'll be controlling her in the same way no doubt). I just hope she's allowed out of the house after 10pm as I never was 😢

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