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Workingfunmumof2 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:01:10

Last year my daughters class mate had a party and invited everyone except my daughter. I delicately emailed the mum in case it was me that had missed the invite (something I could do) and I didn’t want to seem ignorant by not replying. She replied saying she must have missed my email address off the list by accident.
This year the same class mate is having another party and my daughter is the only one not invited again. They play together at school and the parties are usually attended by the whole class.
Should I just leave it this year? I’m not too worried but I just feel for her if they all decide to talk about the party on Monday at school, she has just turned 6.

Bobbycat121 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:02:50

How do you know shes the only
one not invited?

Workingfunmumof2 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:06:01

I went to another party today and they were all talking about the party tomorrow.

anniehm Sat 30-Mar-19 23:06:38

It's worth it, because it's possible that the parents email list (seems to be a thing) has an error in yours if that's how the invites were distributed or the class list left your dd off for some reason

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sat 30-Mar-19 23:07:30

What happened last year, were you given an invitation after you’d questioned her?

Dieu Sat 30-Mar-19 23:08:21

I definitely wouldn't contact the mother a second time. If accidental the first time, she would ensure the same mistake didn't happen again.

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sat 30-Mar-19 23:09:06

Presumably op has access to the same list, and can see that she’s on it?

Workingfunmumof2 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:11:43

Yes, I have double checked the list and my email is correct. However there is another mum with the same name and our emails are very similar. So I think it maybe a mistake.

MoaningMinniee Sat 30-Mar-19 23:14:14

Um I can think of a couple of possibilities here. Some ones transcribed your email address wrong. I know I kept sending emails off to someone who never ever responded when I was PTA secretary. Eventually we realised somehow one letter had been reversed. Somewhere out there in the world someone had been ignoring or sending to Junk an enormous number of PTA emails!

AnneOfCleanTables Sat 30-Mar-19 23:15:06

If you're all on the same list, can you send an email to everyone about something unconnected just to remind party mum that you and DD exist and which email is your's?

Singlenotsingle Sat 30-Mar-19 23:15:19

Query it with the mother. She'd be mortified if she really did want your dc invited! And she probably did.

Bobbycat121 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:16:15

I wouldnt ask again, once is a mistake, twice hmm...

Workingfunmumof2 Sat 30-Mar-19 23:18:56

Thank you, you have all put my mind at rest. I will send a email unrelated and hope it is just a simple mistake.

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sat 30-Mar-19 23:19:11

She knows op exists. The children presumably have different names, for a start.

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sat 30-Mar-19 23:19:42

Oh God, I really wouldn’t.

oldowlgirl Sat 30-Mar-19 23:20:38

For me, it really depends on what happened last year & how the mum reacted. If she seemed genuine & like it really was an oversight, then I'd contact her, but if not, then no, I wouldn't contact her as she's made it clear.

TBH, at 6, I would expect the party child to have also mentioned it to your DD (& others who are invited), so if she hasn't, I would assume that your DD really isn't invited.

SophieGiroux Sat 30-Mar-19 23:20:57

Can your daughter just ask her friend if she is invited?

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