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What can DGS make for Mother's Day with a paper plate and egg cartons??

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YourWinter Sat 30-Mar-19 21:36:43

DGS (age 2) is with me overnight and DD (his mum) will pick him up tomorrow after her well-earned lie-in. I don't know if he made anything at nursery yesterday. I doubt his NR father will have got a card or present from DGS and they won't see him tomorrow anyway.

I know he's too young to do much and I'm hopeless at arts and crafts. I have some 23cm paper plates, various cardboard egg cartons, glue, wooden skewers and a set of washable felt pens in primary colours.
No glitter, paints or decorative stuff.

I'm hoping someone remembers being presented with a fabulous creation from nursery or CM and can share some ideas that we can get stuck into after breakfast? We'll have to make a card too. I do have some fresh tulips in case all else fails!


YourWinter Sat 30-Mar-19 21:37:25

Sorry this shouldn't be in AIBU...

drinkswineoutofamug Sat 30-Mar-19 21:40:48

Can you make flowers using cut up prices of plate , the egg carton as the flower inner thingy , colour it in? Using the skewers as stems?

sleepingdragon Sat 30-Mar-19 21:40:59

Do you have a printer? You can make any bit of craft special with a picture of the child on (according to DS's nursery anyway!). You could do a flower on a stick (cut out petals from the plates and stick them on the skewer) with DGS's face in the middle of the flower?

sleepingdragon Sat 30-Mar-19 21:41:37

Cross post- flowers are obviously a good idea!

ASilhouetteAndNothingMore Sat 30-Mar-19 21:41:55

A daffodil! Stick one of the egg box segments to the plate and cut the plate into petal shapes. Paint it all yellow.
Or my DS made a handprint flower (handprints cut out and made into the shape of a flower) with a photo of him in the middle

MummySharkBabyShark Sat 30-Mar-19 21:42:33

Could you trim down a paper plate to make petals and then attach one section (egg holder) of the egg cartoon in the middle. Then colour it all yellow with the pens and write a message on the back; So like a daffodil?

Maybe you could even just trim down the paper plate but leave it a circle.

If you google egg carton daffodils I think it is explained better than I have.

Have fun with your DGS.

drinkswineoutofamug Sat 30-Mar-19 21:42:40

Or just decorate the plate , get them to draw a picture of themselves holding hands with mum and then put some nice Choccy biccies and a cup of tea when she comes to pick him up?

I'm thinking hard here!

ASilhouetteAndNothingMore Sat 30-Mar-19 21:43:16

Sorry, just read you don't have paint

MyKingdomForBrie Sat 30-Mar-19 21:43:46

I was going to say what drinks said! A little bouquet of cardboard flowers.

MereDintofPandiculation Sat 30-Mar-19 21:44:11

Daffodils. Egg carton compartment for the trumpet, paper plate for the petals. Cut to shape - 6 petals (leave the centre of the plate to hold the petals on and to glue the trumpet to). cut tiny bits from the edge of the trumpet to make it a bit frilly.
Or you could forget the paper plate and make tulips.

TheWomanin12B Sat 30-Mar-19 21:44:54

You are lovely! should link to some paper plate crafts.

Could you make daffodils from the egg carton? - that being the middle and some coloured in petals. He could colour them?

You could draw round his hand prints and cut them out?

There are lots of other ideas for hand print crafts if you Google too.

mokapot Sat 30-Mar-19 21:45:19

That’s lovely. Even a collage of something will be a treasure for his mum.
The best pressies are the mash ups

chrisrobin Sat 30-Mar-19 21:51:40

Draw around his hand on a paper plate, colour it in green. Then cut out egg spaces from the egg cartons which you can colour in as flowers, you could cut into the centre if you wanted to spread out the edges. Add the flowers to each finger to make it look like a bunch of flowers/plant. The write on the palm:

This isn't just a flower, as plainly you can see
I made it with my hands, which are a part of me
It comes with lots of love, especially to say
I hope you have a very special happy Mother's Day

YourWinter Sat 30-Mar-19 22:11:28

Dear MNetters, thank you SO much! I just couldn't fathom how to assemble my small hotchpotch into a present to give with love and raise a smile.

My printer currently only has a black cartridge so a photo might not work and there won't be time to get into town to get a colour print, but daffodils sound do-able and hand-cutouts are a brilliant idea! I'll let you know what we ended up with... there may be a few prototypes!

Polestar50 Sat 30-Mar-19 22:15:28

Another vote for an egg carton daffodil/flower here.

I remember making one for Mother's Day when I was little. It was very, very basic but I was so proud of it!

I think the simpler the better and it doesn't really matter if you don't have yellow paint.

See here for a very sweet and heartfelt example (the first one with the toddler scribbles/colouring looks really easy to make and is my favourite)

Almost any colour carton apart from grey could do as the trumpet part.

Hope you and DGS have fun!

Polestar50 Sat 30-Mar-19 22:15:51

Forgot the link!

drinkswineoutofamug Sun 31-Mar-19 07:54:25

What did you end up making?

ZsaZsaMc Sun 31-Mar-19 07:57:19

Yes and also what a lovely grand parent / parent you are!

BillywilliamV Sun 31-Mar-19 08:04:08

You wipe handprints from doors and walls,
I’m very messy when I play.
So here is a print you’ll want to keep,
I made it for you this Mother’s Day.

Decorate plate, handprint in middle, print out the poem and stick on plate. Kids name and date on back.

Bibijayne Sun 31-Mar-19 08:07:14

Not a clue. But you sound super lovely!

sashh Sun 31-Mar-19 08:28:59

A bit late I was going to suggest planting some seeds i the egg box but a decorated plate sounds fab.

YourWinter Sun 31-Mar-19 21:39:45

I am so incredibly grateful for all your brilliant ideas, and stayed up until silly o’clock reading and copying stuff from Early Years bloggers and Pinterest.

I managed to find an old box of coloured chalks, various cupcake cases, two clean lolly sticks, and a tub of hundreds and thousands with a BBE of 11/2001. That would have been from the last ‘kiddie’ birthday cake I made for a then 9 year old! Sprinkled some into test blobs of glue overnight and they looked fine so... we made these, and arranged them in a lidless box on shredded pink paper. DGS was SO pleased to hand mummy the box and DD was surprised and delighted. I did admit the ideas weren’t my own.

Of course when mine were toddlers there was no internet, I did colouring and cooking with them but not crafting until school demanded some creation. My son had to wait until we could buy a Tracy Island, while other kids were playing with their papier-mâché models.

The wealth of pages online is staggering (and why hadn’t I tried Pinterest before?)

Huge thanks again. We had lots of fun and I’ll definitely be using this new tube of glue again!! Wonder if the 100s and 1000s will still be good on cakes hmm

TheWomanin12B Sun 31-Mar-19 22:23:40

Oh, OP that is such a beautiful gift you made with your grandson. Your daughter is so lucky to have you! Sounds like you're in for lots more creative fun! It is totally staggering how many ideas there are, isn't it?! I spend more time on Pinterest than actually making stuff sometimes! grin

TheWomanin12B Sun 31-Mar-19 22:26:42

P. S. I came across this site today :

Ideas for Easter / next year? grin

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