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To ask where you'd live?

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EscapeAnywhere Sat 30-Mar-19 20:11:56

If you could move anywhere (in the UK)?
You don't have DC (yet) or any family commitments, work from home, and have about £250k in savings to buy a house. Where would you settle?

polarpig Sat 30-Mar-19 20:22:04

A large house in the countryside somewhere.

Worriedwart18 Sat 30-Mar-19 20:26:41

Surrey Hills, New Forest or Chichester
I can't decide on just one sorry, would need to go on location, location, location.

EscapeAnywhere Sat 30-Mar-19 20:40:55

I know!

I'm that conflicted that I'm actually quite prepared to go with the MN most popular choice!

LadyMarmyLard Sat 30-Mar-19 20:43:53

South coast, somewhere between new forest and Brighton

Rollerbird Sat 30-Mar-19 20:45:39


StoneofDestiny Sat 30-Mar-19 20:52:05

For big city life, Glasgow or Edinburgh
For small city life, Bath
Countryside Life - The Cotswolds

OrigamiZoo Sat 30-Mar-19 20:52:30

Norfolk, near the sea somewhere. Very envious!

wizzler Sat 30-Mar-19 20:53:12


CoffeeRunner Sat 30-Mar-19 20:53:37

South Devon. I’d compromise house size for a sea view. I would so love to be able to sit my own lounge with a coffee watching the sea. That is my one property ambition. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pokey flat or a large & beautiful house 😁.

Missmarplesknitting Sat 30-Mar-19 20:54:26

South Lakes/North Lancashire. Kirkby Lonsdale or nearby.

Ashbourne or nice wee Peaks town.

Helmsley in North Yorkshire.

Am a big fan of a little market town.

Youngandfree Sat 30-Mar-19 20:54:28

Carlisle Cumbria it’s a perfect location!!

Decormad38 Sat 30-Mar-19 20:55:55

Right here in Leeds.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Sat 30-Mar-19 20:55:59

Is that your whole budget? If so it writes of most of the South east and home counties. Durham is beautiful

parrotonmyshoulder Sat 30-Mar-19 20:56:28

Devon. But check for your WiFi connection before committing, if you work from home .

sighrollseyes Sat 30-Mar-19 20:57:30

Wherever there is decent healthcare.

KeepCalm Sat 30-Mar-19 20:58:08

East Neuk Scotland

EscapeAnywhere Sat 30-Mar-19 21:02:45

Lovely suggestions thank you - that'll add a few more hours on Rightmove smile

mokapot Sat 30-Mar-19 21:04:50

I’m an ex pat but love my home city of Manchester sad

RainbowMum11 Sat 30-Mar-19 21:06:41

Where I currently am, small town in between bigger towns, all amenities on the doorstep, close to 4 major cities. Beautiful part of the country, nice community feel but not suffocating.

Fudgenugget Sat 30-Mar-19 21:06:46

Stratford upon Avon. Warwick. Richmond. New Forest. Lots of places, really.

Lifeover Sat 30-Mar-19 21:08:51

South or east Devon potentially Dorset.

Mmmhmmokdear Sat 30-Mar-19 21:13:29

It depends what you want out of life? Big city? Quiet rural area?

irregularegular Sat 30-Mar-19 21:14:00

Love where I live. Largish village. River. Hills. Railway. Oxford. London. Community. Pretty and practical.

250k not going to buy anything though.

As a city I've always quite fancied Bristol. Wouldn't want to be anywhere more rural than I am now, however beautiful.

sittingonacornflake Sat 30-Mar-19 21:18:23

Always Cornwall. North coast.

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