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To choose a cleaner over a pension

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 30-Mar-19 18:57:39

So by way of background I’ve recently gone back to work full time, I’m out of the house from 8am-6.15pm every day- my LO 20months goes to nursery 2.5 days a week. I would say we aren’t doing badly financially but the cost of nursery, an increase in council tax and now the bastard increase in pension contributions is taking a huge chunk out of our income.
This weekend it’s really struck me how hard it is working full time with a toddler, there’s no time to do anything, every room in my house is a shit heap (despite cleaning constantly), my ironing has now engulfed our third bedroom and I feel so guilty not spending enough time with my LO at weekends.
So I’m thinking of opting out of my pension with work (you can only opt out, you can’t reduce the % contribution)- just until my LO is 3 and some free hours kick in. I’d use the money towards a cleaner/ ironing lady. I’d obviously lose out on the contributions from my company over that time but I think it would be a life saver- am I looking at this wrongly?

mirime Sun 31-Mar-19 10:49:27

OhTheRoses I'd have loved it if my small house only took 20 minutes to hoover! Pale carpets and black cats meant I spent 20 minutes just in the living room brushing the carpets with a clothes brush before even getting the hoover out.

To be honest when we first bought the house we used to do a proper clean once a fortnight. Took three hours with both of us doing it and I never bothered much with the wiping round inbetween. DH wasn't working weekends then.

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