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Does baby need to be seen

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Aftereights91 Sat 30-Mar-19 18:32:42

11 month old was at hospital earlier this week due to a high temp she was responding bad to. They thought tonsillitis. Took her back to docs two days later as temp was still spiking. Basically now, she's got over the temp etc much more her normal self, but is full of cold and has a ridiculously wet sounding cough, like it literally sounds like her throats full of fluid. She's breathing perfectly fine etc. Is it likely just to be mucus in her throat from the cold? No doctors open tomorrow so would mean a trip to the hospital again, just trying to figure out if she's fine till Monday as long as she doesn't get sick obviously, or whether it's best to get her looked at

SpaSushi Sat 30-Mar-19 18:34:54

Call111; might be secondary infection, don't wait until Monday

ilikefastcars Sat 30-Mar-19 19:49:48

Could be bronchiolitis. Yes needs to be seen today, you don't mess about with compromised breathing and babies can deteriorate very quickly!

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