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to ask what you would do?

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MagicStarz Sat 30-Mar-19 15:13:37

I am currently working in a job I dislike, it's high stress without the nice salary to accompany it. I earn £20k, but the job is only 10 miles away so not an awful commute.

What worries me, is that in 2 weeks my notice period will rise to 3 months, as it policy when probation period is over. My notice period is currently 1 month.

I have the possibility of another job, same money, but it's a 20 mile commute. It's also less holiday (20 days, whereas I now get 23).

I am on the fence, as the second job is a longer commute for the same money, and it is not a job I would stay in long term. However, it will definitely be less stress and will get me out of having the 3 month notice period at my current job.

polarpig Sat 30-Mar-19 15:16:01

Life is too short to be in a job you dislike so I'd take the other job as long as the commute wasn't horrendous.

talkingjapeneseireallythinkso Sat 30-Mar-19 15:17:42

i'd go for the new job, as polar said why waste your life doing things you dislike ?

whywhywhy6 Sat 30-Mar-19 15:17:44

I’d take the new job. 20 minutes is nothing.

MsVestibule Sat 30-Mar-19 15:18:28

When you say 'high stress', do you mean it's likely to affect your MH? Also, how long will the notice period be on your new job?

MagicStarz Sat 30-Mar-19 15:19:36

@MsVestibule yes, it is already affecting my MH. And the notice period in the new job is 1 month

MsVestibule Sat 30-Mar-19 15:26:11

In that case, I'd probably leave. How long will the 20 mile commute take? Will it cost a lot more in petrol/fares? Can you afford this?

I don't know how common it is to have such a long notice period for a low grade job but it seems ridiculous!

polarpig Sat 30-Mar-19 15:31:34

If it's already affecting your mental health then leaving is essential.

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