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To avoid DP while he has flu?

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RagingWhoreBag Sat 30-Mar-19 14:43:32

I don’t live with my DP of 6 years, he has an adult relative and 2 teenage DCs living with him, so not living entirely alone. He’s been quite poorly with a flu-like virus for about a week now (his DD also had it).

I’ve declined his offers for me to visit him or for him to come over when he thought he was feeling better (turned out he wasn’t actually better and went home from work that day), but I feel bad.

I feel guilty for not being there to take care of him, but I’m self employed and if I don’t work I don’t get paid, so quite apart from not wanting to get ill, I can’t afford to! Plus I have 3 DCs of my own who I don’t want to make ill.

I did visit him briefly last week with my teenage DS, when he said he felt a bit brighter and had his appetite back, thinking he probably wasn’t contagious anymore, but when I got there he was clearly still quite poorly, so we had some lunch and then left.

I feel stupid for putting myself and DS in that situation now, whilst at the same time keeping DP at arms length for the rest of the week. Like if we were going to catch it, we probably would have done before he knew he was ill, or when we went to see him last week.

AIBU for not seeing him for another few days until the cough has gone, or am I being a bitch by avoiding him while he’s poorly? I know if it were me, he would still come round and see me, he thinks he has a good immune system and rarely gets ill. However, I’m a bit more conscious about hand-washing and not sharing drinks etc anyway, whereas he doesn’t seem to think about germs.

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