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Occasional flank pain

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Bubsx2 Sat 30-Mar-19 11:15:37

This is my first time on Mumsnet and I’m just after a bit of reassurance and advice.
Sorry for the long post. Recently My little girl (4yo) has mentioned that she occasionally has pain in her flank when needing to urinate (she points to her where her right kidney is) after she’s been, the pain disappears. It’s not every time she needs to go, I’d say probably about once a day she says it. She’s otherwise the same as usual, no temp, eating normally etc.. I’ve taken her to the Drs where they requested a urine sample which the dipstick test came back clear. Dr felt her tummy and all feels ok. Wants to see her if no improvement in 2 weeks time and will refer her for an ultrasound.
I’ve exhausted google and myself trying to find what else it could be and I’ve totally stressed myself out about it.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this with their little ones? Any advice/reassurance or anything I’d be so grateful for please. Thank you smile x

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