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I know he's 23 but...

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Flaverings Sun 31-Mar-19 20:40:13

What are his relationships like in general?

mummmy2017 Sun 31-Mar-19 20:34:29

I know a few men who can't stop drinking when they go out .
Yet can go years not drinking...
Not sure what you can do.

BengalGal Sun 31-Mar-19 20:32:28

I’m sorry there have not been more responses. Of course you are t being unreasonable if he’s ended up in hospital for alcohol poisoning. It sounds like he has a drinking problem and can’t stop once he starts. I am no expert and don’t know what to suggest. Maybe you coukd talk to his best friend or a person he respects a lot and see if they share your concern. Maybe they coukd talk to him. Meanwhile a book about alcoholism? And please try to go to a few al anon meetings where you can find people who know how to help both of you.

SerenDippitty Sat 30-Mar-19 10:43:11

I have no useful advice to offer but it does sound like your son is unhappy. I don’t think you are being unreasonable being concerned for his safety. Again sorry I have nothing more useful to say.

MumThatIsMe Sat 30-Mar-19 09:03:07

My son worries me. He hasn't got many friends so when he gets invited out by work or uni friends he drops everything to go. Of course I have no issue with that. But he never comes home when the rest of them all leave to go home. Instead he wanders about trying to hook up with strangers and has even asked and stayed overnight at strangers houses. When he lived away from home he would drink a lot on nights out. So much so that he'd end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning. None of his so called "friends" made sure he was OK, instead they left him lying in the street till an ambulance picked him up. I'm so concerned with his destructive behaviour. I've tried to explain to him that what he's doing is dangerous and affects our family. He really doesn't care, he just wants to have "fun"! Am I really being unreasonable?

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