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Winter is here.. Game of Thrones

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Boredgiraffes Sat 30-Mar-19 01:10:34

How excited are you? The wait is almost over! Who will survive and who will die?

BringBackDoves Sat 30-Mar-19 01:13:14

SO EXCITED. Am rewatching the whole series blush

I feel like Jaime might die a heroic death ...

FissionChips Sat 30-Mar-19 01:14:38

Dreading it. I just can’t see how everything will be tied up and explained, it’s going to give an ending like Battlestar Galactica (which was a piece of shit).

Boredgiraffes Sat 30-Mar-19 01:15:01

Jaime is definitely dying, big moment of redeeming himself from being a kingslayer to be upheld

Boredgiraffes Sat 30-Mar-19 01:16:59

Each episode in length is almost film like so plenty of time to give a proper funeral/finish to this story

OneInAMillionYou Sat 30-Mar-19 01:20:28

MASSIVELY EXCITED, Counting down the days. Have rewatched so many times. Now rewatching S 1 as so many of the cast have talked about the throwbacks and parallels. I stop short of watching with a notebook 😀

I am going to immerse myself in the GoT universe for a final time.

Did you hear that, the week after the final episode, HBO will be showing a two hour documentary they commissioned, a 'behind the scenes' piece. Looking forward to that.

As long as Arya survives I can cope.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Sat 30-Mar-19 01:22:59

Just finished my re-watch! So excited. Although have just realised I'm on holiday on the 13th!!!

WillBendTheKnee4Jon Sat 30-Mar-19 01:25:48

I wish I could erase it from my brain so I could watch it afresh iygwim. I predict Jaime will kill Cersei. I want to say my other predictions but I'll get carried away.

FlyingMonkeys Sat 30-Mar-19 01:26:32

Done my re-watch, pant wettingly excited! Devastated it'll only be 6 episodes 😢

echt Sat 30-Mar-19 04:28:21

Agree that Jaime should at least want to, if not try to/preferably kill Cersie.

troubleswillbeoutofsight Sat 30-Mar-19 04:36:19

How can I watch it? I cant remember how I watched before
It's not Prime or netflix is it?

BlackCatSleeping Sat 30-Mar-19 04:40:54

I've been binge watching them all before it starts. I'm SO excited!!

I'm up to Season 4, episode 9.

I have no idea what will be happen, but I guess a lot of people are going to die and there will be some amazing special effects.

Justonemorepancake Sat 30-Mar-19 04:47:52

I've binged watched series 1-7 in the kast month blush (I work from home and it's manual work!) I'm also listening to the audiobooks. Can't wait.

TheOrville Sat 30-Mar-19 05:00:06

BInge watching from S1 here too. It makes so much more sense the second time around as i remember who the characters are that pop up in later episodes

OneInAMillionYou Sat 30-Mar-19 05:06:49

Troubles, I watch it on Sky Atlantic. I think distribution to platforms is quite tightly controlled by HBO.

RogueV Sat 30-Mar-19 05:08:53

Also really looking forward to it!

OneInAMillionYou Sat 30-Mar-19 05:10:08

Watched the Thronecast quiz tonight on Sky, I found it disappointing.

Questions were too easy, and it seemed like a vehicle for unfunny smutty innuendos and Jonathan Ross trying to outdo Sue Perkins in the filth stakes!

I wish there was a serious analysis programme instead of Thronecast.,I can't stand Sue Perkins. Yes love, you're a lesbian, we know.

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