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to ask if you would be able to run 5k?

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itslikeblackpoolilluminations Fri 29-Mar-19 20:58:46

DP and I had a breakdown about how fat we've got and registered for parkrun at 9am tomorrow.
DP will probably be fine, however I have never been a runner and now 5k seems like a lot.
I'm still in my twenties, was never the best at PE in school but not in anyway unwell or particularly unfit I suppose.
Would you be able to run 5k? And will I be able to with training whatsoever realistically? Or is it a fry up in bed kind or morning instead? grin

DanielRicciardosSmile Fri 29-Mar-19 21:00:07

Not unless I was being chased by a pack of rabid wolves.

notyourmummy Fri 29-Mar-19 21:00:43

Do it. Parkrun is awesome, lots of people walk some or all of it, the atmosphere is brilliant, definitely do it.

Princessmushroom Fri 29-Mar-19 21:00:48

I did work up to running 5k in 6 weeks at the gym, and I weighed about 18 stone. I couldn’t do it now but I’m working on it!

Blue5238 Fri 29-Mar-19 21:01:09

There will be others at the back of parkrun who are alternating jogging and walking. Do that!

chipsandpeas Fri 29-Mar-19 21:01:10

i reckon id give it a good go

DrDreReturns Fri 29-Mar-19 21:01:37

The first time will be tough but you will improve quickly if you persevere with it. Keep at it and have a fry up after the run!

HoneysuckIejasmine Fri 29-Mar-19 21:01:40

You can walk at Parkrun. I've not run it, ever!

BIWI Fri 29-Mar-19 21:02:04

Do you think you can run for half an hour without stopping? That's what 5K is like (roughly!)

I'm pretty fit, or at least I'm gym fit, but running for that length of time (without stopping) is still a challenge.

Marmite27 Fri 29-Mar-19 21:02:50

You don’t have to run! You can walk it all if you want to.

I can jog 90% without stopping. Going to try for 100% this week, but the bloody big hill at the end kills me. It’s our 6th birthday tomorrow grin

MooseBeTimeForSnow Fri 29-Mar-19 21:02:56

Nope. Not allowed (waiting for a hip replacement).

LividLaughLove Fri 29-Mar-19 21:03:08

I wouldn't have been able to from scratch, no.

But I did Couch25k and now can run it semi-comfortably and regularly, albeit slower than a very slow thing.

I still don't do Parkrun because whenever I check the results from my local one, I would be very much at the back being chased round by the tailrunner and I don't fancy that much.

SeeSpotRun Fri 29-Mar-19 21:03:57

It's called parkrun, but it's okay to walk it too.
Don't feel pushed, don't charge off, it's social exercise not a race.
Try to jog for a bit (one lamp post to the next) then walk a bit, then jog again if you feel uncomfortable walking whilst others run.
If you decide you want to do more, look into whether there is a couch to 5K group near you to guide you along.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Fri 29-Mar-19 21:03:58

I'd have to give in to the rabid wolves DanielRicciardosSmile!

(Love your user name!)

AuntieStella Fri 29-Mar-19 21:03:59

Parkrun is great, and it seriously doesn't matter if you walk some/all of it.

I can however run 5k (in about 23mins)

But in 2017 I was a non-runner

Ilove31415926535 Fri 29-Mar-19 21:04:05

Jeff it my love (fancy word for walk/run) and you'll get through it no problem. Lots of people walk at parkrun, and there's always a tail walker as a volunteer, so no one comes last. Just do what you can. Well done for signing up!

itslikeblackpoolilluminations Fri 29-Mar-19 21:04:58

I've heard loads about parkrun being full of walkers, people with prams, dogs, etc so thought I wouldn't be out of my depth.
But then I looked at last week's results and they seem really fast, only about ten people came in after 40 mins!
Maybe I'm just looking for excuses grin

coffeeagogo Fri 29-Mar-19 21:05:39

I think it's a really bad idea based on what you've written to try and go and run a cold 5k. Why don't you go along and run/walk intervals and see how you get on, with the emphasis on walking.
Parkrun is wonderful and I love doing it but 5k is a decent distance if you've not run before

EvaHarknessRose Fri 29-Mar-19 21:06:28

Doing my 10th parkrun tomorrow. I run all the way, but am usually at the back with the tailwalkers. Lots of my fellow stragglers walk a bit run a bit and some walk all the way. Do it.

Kindlethefourth Fri 29-Mar-19 21:06:47

You wouldn't just be able to run 5k from nothing. However I would download the Couch to 5K and build up to it. I have done it before and despite getting up to 11 miles a couple of years ago had to start the Couch 2 5k when I started running this year. I am on week 7.1 and have not had to repeat or missed a single session. Do park run but do the C25k as you go round. Good luck.

Freshprincess Fri 29-Mar-19 21:07:30

Yes, I love running and park run!
To be honest running for 30/40 minutes without training will be hard going. but loads of people walk it so just do that.

CollaterlieSistersSister Fri 29-Mar-19 21:08:31

Yes I can, and tomorrow will be my 80-something parkrun.

To get to 80-something though, there obviously had to be a first time. I couldn’t run it all until about number 6 I think.

And I have a fry up as well when I’m back (but not in bed).

SandunesAndRainclouds Fri 29-Mar-19 21:09:59

I couldn’t have done 5km from nothing despite being quite active.

Download yourself a couch to 5km app or similar so you have planned walk breaks.

There’s a tail walker at every parkrun so you will have support if you’re at the back, and you won’t come last!

Be warned: it’s addictive!

(and don’t forget your barcode)

1wokeuplikethis Fri 29-Mar-19 21:10:11

Hmm I thought I was pretty fit from playing netball but running solidly for 5k is quite different to darting around a netball court for an hour. I’m mid thirties, 10 stone, ought to be able to do it but after 2 miles of running it was hurting!! I walked a bit, then carried on running.

The thing about park run, which will do it for some and put others off, is that there is real comeraderie, people encouraging each other, volunteers cheering you on and congratulating you at certain points in the run, and that may spur you on. One woman nearly flattened me at the finish line but came back over to apologise because she had just wanted to beat her pb.

I mean. It was jolly nice. Very British. Very socialist. Everyone is a winner etc etc but um...I haven’t done it again. Once was enough.

Go and see what you think though. You won’t be the biggest, thinnest, slowest or fastest. Some 4 year olds went past me!

CountFosco Fri 29-Mar-19 21:11:56

I'm about twice your age. I am not a runner so no. I do however swim 1km a day but couldn't do that at your age.

Parkrun is a fun event so if you walk a lot that will be fine. Maybe see how you do then start following C25K. You are far to young to think you can't take up an exercise and get good at it with time. Have fun and if you hate it try something else.

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