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AIBU to ask for Gas & Electric advice....

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gasandleccy Fri 29-Mar-19 20:35:16

Iv been with Eon for 2 years direct debit... after the first year they send me a cheque for £100 odd, This year they want to put my bill up by £10 a month hmm (I wouldn't mind, but I'm never home and even turn my boiler of at night) so I have switched to British gas but still in the waiting period... now here is my problem BG want to take the money out of my bank on the 15th April (which isn't a great start as I stated the 8th) BUT Eon also want to take money on the 8th which they have also put up to the higher amount they wanted, funny how I was in credit with them last week now I oh £70!

So what do I do!? I cant pay both as haven't budgeted for it and why are BG taking money if I haven't swapped yet ? My bill is still going up with Eon....

KnobJockey Fri 29-Mar-19 22:03:45

Because British gas want you to be in front with them, not arrears- all suppliers will be the same. And you owe Eon money as your DD didn't cover your actual bills, only what they expected them to be. £10 a month probably only covers what the inflation rise was, and if you have gone from a fixed rate to a standard tariff during the 2 years, then your bills were likely to be much higher.

Eon won't let you leave unless you've paid up I'm afraid, they're allowed to stop you. You can cancel the DD going out with your bank, but then they may stop the switch. Have you provided them with up to date meter reads? Make sure you get actual reads for the day the switch happens if you can, give them as soon as possible to both suppliers, and make a note of them.

gasandleccy Sat 30-Mar-19 08:36:04

@KnobJockey thanks for the help, I have taken it out of my savings because I just want rid! I can get my gas & electric cheaper through BG, Eon are a rip of x

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