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Are ASOS usually this shit?

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CoraPirbright Fri 29-Mar-19 19:00:49

I spotted a lovely bikini on ASOS that I thought my dd would love so ordered it. When it arrived, the top was a totally different design - same brand, same colour but a different design that was nothing like as nice! I contacted them and was told I was going to be passed on to the ‘specialist team’. The only thing they did was to send me details on how to return the item. Patronising arse holes - I am perfectly able to read and effect a return. I tried again - same outcome and the specialist team then said that it was a ‘warehouse issue’ which had now been sorted out. Third time’s the charm, I thought, and re-ordered and...guess what....the same, wrong bikini top has arrived!!! It’s nothing like as nice - bloody false advertising!!

AIBU to think that ASOS are a shower of morons and swear never to use them again?

Preggosaurus9 Fri 29-Mar-19 19:52:32

YANBU. Cheap tat overpriced and photographed cunningly.

Easterlywind Fri 29-Mar-19 20:53:16

I've used them loads over the years and always been very happy. Clearly an issue with one specific item but I wouldn't write them off just yet. Nothing like trying on clothes in your own home, with the right shoes and accessories! You don't even have to be at home when the order arrives, just send it to the collect + store and relax. But yeah, i hate shopping!

Amanduh Fri 29-Mar-19 20:54:56

I usually find that they’re brilliant actually. Sometimes they do make mistakes but they’ve always been quickly rectified, they’ve always refunded me without a quibble, sorted things quickly and without me even having to return etc.

Icedlatte Fri 29-Mar-19 20:56:18

Given that they mostly sell 3rd party items, they would have probably contacted the actual manufacturer (specialist team) to ask them to investigate this before replying to you.

What would you have wanted from them, other than returns info?

CalamityJune Fri 29-Mar-19 20:56:49

I've always find them very easy to use and good returns if something isn't to your liking

Heartofgoldheadofcabbage Fri 29-Mar-19 21:13:32

Yes they are that shit. Same thing happened to me with a dress I ordered. When it came, same dress, different print/pattern. Emailed and live chat even sent a picture (and quickly did a screen shot for comparison) as they would not believe me.
Said they’d send a replacement...same thing WRONG PRINT/PATTERN!
Sent both back and they claimed I’d only sent the end I raised it as a dispute with PayPal, and slagged them on Twitter and FB...kept getting automated responses from ‘bots’. In the end I had over 30 of my friends re-posting/tweeting my complaint...kept the bots busy for over 48 hours....
Got my refund and stopped using them. Randomly checked my account and they had at some point given me (or I accumulated) nearly £100 in vouchers...spent on sale price handbags and accessories to give as presents!

CoraPirbright Sat 30-Mar-19 09:30:17

What would you have wanted from them, other than returns info?

I wanted them to tell me the truth: do they have that actual item - the one in the photo - in stock, or was the photo inaccurate.

RubyRoseViolet Sat 30-Mar-19 09:33:10

I have used them several times in the past year and have had no problems at all. I can appreciate your frustration with their lack of info but I have found the return process itself to be very simple and efficient.

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