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If you pay for something you really shouldn't have to pursue it.

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FinallyFluid Fri 29-Mar-19 14:01:56

Back story...

We are flying British Airways Business Class out of Stanstead in August.

We are flying Business, because Business from Stanstead is cheaper than ecenomy from LHR or LGW, not because we have lost the run of ourselves. grin

So earlier this year they changed the flight times quite substantially.

Outbound meaning we land an hour or more later than normal not a big deal, but annoying, as it is still the only flight on that day.

FF to now.... DD's BF may join us for the last week, so I was perusing flights, imagine my confusion when I discovered that our normal 2.00 in the afternoon flight was now available as opposed to the 9.00 at night one.

I rang them and stated my case and my aggravation clearly, calmly and with a degree of measured iciness. The call went from not sure I can help you with that, to hold on let me see what I can do to help.

We are now back on our original flight thus saving us hours of hanging around, the apartment is not booked the following week , so as per normal the letting agent is happy to let us hang in the apartment.

But once you have checked out in your head on the second last day you just want to be home, not hanging around, no matter how nice the letting agent is.

So if you are flying BA and they have messed you around it is worth checking and holding your position.

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