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Corporate jobs: is this a good piece of feedback?

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Saramander Fri 29-Mar-19 13:01:26

I’m a legal trainee nearing the end of my training contract. Received feedback today, all fine, told my technicals are fine/good and to keep it up. Complimented for my positivity and contribution to team atmosphere - one of the big things the senior manager really brought out and said not to lose. I am a v positive person by nature. Is this actually a good piece of feedback and something that’s recognised when people want to work with you (positivity/enthusiasm/commitment) or a bit of a “can’t think what else to say” filler type thing to say? Also complimented on proactiveness. I asked how I benchmarked against others and was told I wasn’t ahead but not behind either - they are a very strong group. Thoughts welcomed smile

WutheringTights Fri 29-Mar-19 13:08:46

I'm senior in professional services (Big 4). To be honest it's hard to find much to say about trainees at that stage unless they're either dreadful or massive superstars (often more down to luck and which jobs they've been allocated than actual talent). I think the feedback sounds fine. It's worth asking for development points. The earlier you find out what they are andnshow that you're addressing them the better. You will have some and it's better to know them than have people pointing them out to the seniors without your knowledge.

DinoGreen Fri 29-Mar-19 13:10:42

Lawyer here. Of course it’s positive feedback. If I had two candidates to choose between for an NQ position, their attitude and how easy they are to get on with is as important if not more than technical ability (since no one really expects an NQ to be capable of much anyway!)

Saramander Fri 29-Mar-19 13:53:20

Perfect thank you!

I am actually 2.5 years in (so not quite a trainee but anonymised for privacy purposes!) but a v similar role. Reassuring that you say much a of a muchness at this stage unless excellent or shit. Obviously I want to be excellent 😂 but haven’t had the project breadth yet and probably do not have the raw talent!! But equally good to keep striving and thanks, that’s useful

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