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Bloody Mothers Day

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CantBelieveImHere Fri 29-Mar-19 11:38:17

So the D(ickhead)B saga continues, it's now mothers day coming up.
I asked DM earlier in the week what time is good to pick her up for lunch on Sunday as I'd pre-discussed this with her to make sure there was no other plans in place.
Turns out she "forgot" about arranging with me and is now going out with DB and family.
So it seems i am not allowed to spend any time with my DM on special occasions. He took over christmas, I had a hour when he wasn't there and my Dad's birthday and now mothers day.
I asked her why he gets to monopolise these occasions and her excuse it "it's for the grandkids"
I am getting thoroughly f***ed right off with it all and am so close to airing his dirty laundry all over fb where his wife puts all the happy family posts up saying what an asshole he is.
And get this he's been sending d**k pics to random women again and she has again forgiven him.
I'm about to blow my top with absolutely everything on the plus side my gran see's him for what he is but doesn't want to upset my mum
Can someone please pour me a massive vodka!!!

daisyjgrey Fri 29-Mar-19 12:23:13

I don't really understand the mothers day thing. You were planning on taking her out without him, she forgot and he's doing what you were planning to do? Mothers day is one day, take her out tomorrow instead, or next weekend.

Take your Gran out on Sunday?

CantBelieveImHere Fri 29-Mar-19 12:41:05

Sorry it was abit ranty.
I've been NC with my DB due to many many reasons and my mum has always made up some lame excuse to forgive his behavior. I arranged to take her out for a quick mothers day lunch and she could have the majority of the day with him and the grandkids. She has now cancelled on my stating she forgot and is spending the whole day with him.
Anything I try to arrange with her on a day to suit her gets superseded by what he wants to do it's not necessarily just mothers day it's all days. My DF is terminally ill and DB just dumps the kids on them whenever they please and need a break from the kids.
I've tried taking her out and spending time with her alot but it always gets cancelled due to my DB.
My gran will go out with DB and mum as she doesn't like to cause upset.

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