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Something is beeping!

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Sexnotgender Fri 29-Mar-19 08:42:36

And it’s doing my head in!

It’s not the washing machine (halfway through cycle).

It’s not the dishwasher which is also on.

It’s not the microwave or oven- neither are being used.

It’s not the phone handset running out of battery.

What the fuck is it?!

It’s one single beep every 30 seconds or so.

Abouttoblow Fri 29-Mar-19 08:43:56

Battery in your smoke alarm? Even if it's wired in there's still a battery in it.

RosieposiePuddingandPi Fri 29-Mar-19 08:44:02

Sounds like our smoke alarms but I imagine you'd have noticed if it was coming from the ceiling. Carbon monoxide detector?

Fantababy Fri 29-Mar-19 08:44:58

Straighteners left on? Iron left on? (Not that they're the things that beep in my house..)

Kahlua4me Fri 29-Mar-19 08:46:10

Probably smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm. They both beep like that if the batteries are low.

BrightYellowDaffodil Fri 29-Mar-19 08:46:16

Neighbour’s smoke alarm? The alarm in the adjoining mine beeps and I can hear it (thankfully faintly) through a great thick wall.

Sexnotgender Fri 29-Mar-19 08:49:37

Didn’t think about the smoke alarms (definitely not neighbours as we’re detached and far too far from nearest house to hear).
I’ve stood under them and neither seem to be making the noise.

No straighteners and iron is upstairs and off (I’m not a big fan of ironing!)

redwoodmazza Fri 29-Mar-19 08:56:51

Fridge/freezer door open?

Sexnotgender Fri 29-Mar-19 09:00:49

Freezer is in the garage and both fridges are closed.

It’s doing my head in!

Thank you for all suggestions so far.

DogHairEverywhere Fri 29-Mar-19 09:07:53

My smoke alarm beeps like that.
Otherwise have you got an oil tank (for heating oil)? My new one's got an alarm, still freaks me out when I hear it beepung away.

BeautyQueenFromMars Fri 29-Mar-19 09:09:00

Doorbell? Ours was doing that, we couldn't work out what it was for days. It was the receiver bit (wireless doorbell), a button was being slightly compressed due to the angle we had it at, so it would beep intermittently.

3littlemonkeys82 Fri 29-Mar-19 09:10:40

Smart meter? Ours beeps when it's lost signal with the meters.

ursuslemonade Fri 29-Mar-19 09:14:04

Battery running out in house alarm?
Some sort of health gadget?
Old watch?
Carbon monoxide alarm running out of battery?

Chocolateisfab Fri 29-Mar-19 09:18:41

Secret phone with low battery?

GarthFunkel Fri 29-Mar-19 09:21:34

Oh, there was a whole thread about this a while ago - the answer was a dead body containing a pacemaker, with a Nokia phone in the pocket, holding a carbon monoxide detector in one hand and a smoke alarm in the other, that was boxed in a hidden wall somewhere in the house.

RabbityMcRabbit Fri 29-Mar-19 09:23:36

MadSweeney Fri 29-Mar-19 09:27:11

I had this last week, turned off every appliance one by one and eventually narrowed it down to the hob.

Even though it wasn't turned on mine senses if something is on top of it and beeps, so the tea towel I'd thrown there was setting it off.
Bloody annoying thing.

SrSteveOskowski Fri 29-Mar-19 09:47:20

House alarm? Mine started doing this last year. We had no idea what it was for a couple of days. Turns out it has a back up battery that was low.

Synecdoche Fri 29-Mar-19 09:51:37

Is the phone sat in its cradle properly?

gotmychocolateimgood Fri 29-Mar-19 09:54:56

RabbityMcRabbit I thought of Phoebe too grin

Lovelylugs Fri 29-Mar-19 09:56:57

How about turning off the the mains electricity for a few mins. At least then you would find out if it's an appliance.

RandomUsernameHere Fri 29-Mar-19 09:57:18

I had this in the garage the other day. Eventually realised it was an old isofix car seat base thing. Must have been running out of battery.

widgetbeana Fri 29-Mar-19 10:08:29

Carbon monoxide detector! It was in our case!

RabbityMcRabbit Fri 29-Mar-19 10:16:21

Chocolate, one of my favourite bits of "Friends" 😂😂

Sexnotgender Fri 29-Mar-19 10:18:27

Oh I do have a house alarm. I'll go check that.

I love that friends episode too.

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