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Honeymoon destinations

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grincheux Fri 29-Mar-19 00:50:21

Am I asking too much? confused Holidaying Mumsnetters, I'd love your recommendations!

We're looking for an all-inclusive, adults-only holiday in October for our honeymoon. Up to £2k each, up to 10 nights, longer haul (think Carribean) are preferable.

Where have you been that you'd recommend?

Parly Fri 29-Mar-19 00:55:42

Depends entirely on what you both like to do and what your ideal holiday / honeymoon is i.e. lazy sunny beaches and kicking back or more active of stuff.

You can pick and practically tailor make your holiday I guess so including link to Thomas Cook for general all inclusive starter.
Sri Lanka is where it's at for me smile

grincheux Fri 29-Mar-19 01:23:35

Brilliant, thank you! I've spent days on the travel sites but narrowing it down is tricky, some recommendations would be great. We'd love a lazy beachy holiday smile

Parly Fri 29-Mar-19 01:48:33

What about a cruise would that be too much / too hustle and bustle?

newmun Fri 29-Mar-19 01:59:36

Maldives grin

grincheux Fri 29-Mar-19 02:14:51

A cruise is a great shout! We'd love to be on the beach for this though, I've looked at cruises for other holidays though!

I'd love to go to the Maldives, but their adult-only options seem limited...

Holidaycountdown Fri 29-Mar-19 02:47:50

Mauritius, south coast was beautiful, island small enough to explore all over with a car though, plenty to do on and off the beach, we spent the second week at beachcombers la paradise, AI includes all 8 restaurants with generous wine allowance, food was amazing, worth the room upgrade to a suite if it fits your budget, think we paid about 5k all in including flights and our wedding day so 4K should cover you.

Holidaycountdown Fri 29-Mar-19 02:51:09

We were the mid-end sept, about 27/28 degrees, right at the beginning of their summer so it should heat up a little, best time of year for less rain/bugs.

Oysterbabe Fri 29-Mar-19 03:01:52

We did exactly that, adults only, 10 days, all inclusive, Barbados. It was 3.5k though.

Bitchywaitress Fri 29-Mar-19 03:10:48

Maldives is fucking incredible. Might be a bit tight for £4K but seriously you won’t regret it if you want all inc fly and flop.

There is LITERALLY nothing to do but sunbathe, sleep, eat, drink, snorkel and ‘you know what’. It’s heaven!!!

Scottishgirl85 Fri 29-Mar-19 06:56:56

We went to Fiji as part of our honeymoon, on a tiny adult-only island. There were only about 15 couples. Luxury cabins spaced out around the island with our own bit of beach and complete privacy. It was absolute bliss x

Ellabella989 Fri 29-Mar-19 06:58:38

Antigua is stunning and has the white sands and turquoise seas for real.

GetOffTheRoof Fri 29-Mar-19 07:02:44

Sri Lanka is amazing, but don't waste it on an AI holiday. You need to travel around the country and see it properly.

Sandals holidays are fab for honeymoon. All Caribbean resorts, all AI, superb hotels.

LadyGAgain Fri 29-Mar-19 07:03:34

Antigua is beautiful
But we prefer to go east. Langkawi, Thailand, Bali, Penang. All absolutely stunning. Sri Lanka too for a shorter flight. Relaxed, stunning beaches, amazing people and food plus stuff to do for the odd day. Literally perfect!

Maldives - not too many kids there anyway especially in term time but might be tight on £2k each and definitely go al inclusive as super super expensive if you don't.

yearinyearout Fri 29-Mar-19 07:06:31

If you go on a Caribbean cruise you will be on different beaches every day!

Fujexa Fri 29-Mar-19 07:12:12

Been to Fiji about 10 years ago, albeit on more of a backpackers holiday, but it was amazing!! Tahiti looked similarly amazing... also Caribbean cruise was one of our favourite holidays ever... next dream holiday would be Jamaica, looks absolutely unbelievable and (can't verify but) might be good value for money compared to the Maldives etc.?

anniehm Fri 29-Mar-19 08:03:29

The Maldives are lovely but there's nothing to do except swim and scuba dive. I would suggest Sri Lanka - beautiful beaches but also wildlife, temples, stuff to do (though that's just me, I don't do beaches for more than an hour at a time !)

mumonthehill Fri 29-Mar-19 08:10:23

Antigua, totally perfect in every way!

PineapplePatty Fri 29-Mar-19 08:14:42

Maldives will be tight on that budget.

Heading east will be cheaper. Barbados is always lovely though.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Fri 29-Mar-19 08:18:20

We went to Mexico last year, Hyatt ziva in Cancun, the resort is lovely, fantastic restaurants, service, pools, breached on both sides. We hired a car and drove out to chichen itza, Tulum, vallodolid, swam in a cenote, took a little self drive boat through the mangroves out to sea to snorkel , ziplined in the jungle went into downtown Cancun for a local festival, it was fab, if you're willing to drive yourself you'll be able to do a lot otherwise it's a lot of long coach trips or just staying in the resort, unless the strip/bars are your kind of thing.

selfishcrab Fri 29-Mar-19 08:39:58

Just be mindful that it is peak hurrican seaon in the Caribean in October.

Geminijes Fri 29-Mar-19 08:45:16

Costa Rica....a beautiful country with wonderful beaches. The people are so friendly and helpful. Have visited the country twice and it holds a very special place in my heart.

DorisDances Fri 29-Mar-19 09:04:17

Rendezvous on St Lucia - perfect!

Remieatscake Fri 29-Mar-19 09:12:58


I am also getting married and having our honeymoon in October. I would second Mauritius. Although our holiday is all inclusive for £4k for the same amount of time. There are plenty of adult only options.
We have booked through the Flight Centre - highly recommended for numerous reasons but the main one for me is that we haven't had to stump up £4k upfront. We were able to spread the cost over quite a few months.

Remieatscake Fri 29-Mar-19 09:14:12

Oh and also worth a mention - Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles and Barbados are visa free which is useful as less faff to sort out

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