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To think they're trying to recruit me

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TwisterDrifter Fri 29-Mar-19 00:41:02

Name change for obvious reasons.

I work as an accountant and just had a client email me asking if I know any recruitment agencies because they're looking to hire in their accounts department. I don't see why they'd ask me this unless the actual purpose of the email was to tell me they're hiring. Am I reading too much into it?

For context I live and work overseas and this is a UK client with an office in the country I live in so maybe they think I might have used recruitment agencies in this country in the past. I don't want to put my foot in it but equally I am actually looking to move jobs because I hate where I'm working currently.

HeddaGarbled Fri 29-Mar-19 01:00:39

I don’t think that a company big enough to have offices in more than one country would bother with that sort of subterfuge. If they were head-hunting you, their approach would be more personal. Sorry, I think you’re building castles in the air here.

However, no harm in letting them know that you might be interested. They don’t currently know that you are open to a move.

TwisterDrifter Fri 29-Mar-19 01:04:44

Yes I agree that it seems an odd thing to do. But then they're big enough to know about recruitment over here - they have a dedicated HR person for this region who has presumably done recruitment before.

Hmm maybe I'll email from my personal email address expressing an interest. I guess the worst that can happen is I'll be a little embarrassed if I've got the wrong end of the stick.

RainbowMum11 Fri 29-Mar-19 01:12:06

An HR person might not know specialist recruitment agencies for specific industries though - I know mine doesn't.
If you're interested in a permanent job rather than self employed then just ask them.

TwisterDrifter Fri 29-Mar-19 01:16:08

I'm not self employed, I work for a company and this is a client of the company, though in "my" portfolio (sorry I should have probably made that clear as thinking about it it's quite an important distinction!)

TwisterDrifter Fri 29-Mar-19 01:25:14

I'm probably reading too much into it, I just hate my current job soooo much and have really struggled finding other options that don't have the same problems as this one.

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