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Frozen vegetables are the best thing since sliced bread

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pandarific Thu 28-Mar-19 22:34:22

I was going to say 'the dog's bollocks' but then I felt that would be unappetising.

Seriously though, I LOVE them. I have a 5 mo and previous pattern of buying fresh vegetables just keep meaning we'd drag ourselves to the fridge, open it, stare bleakly in and then order a takeaway, and a week later throw away the soggy puddles of courgettes etc.

I've made chicken fajitas with sliced frozen peppers and onions, chilli and this evening made a very successful shepherds pie utilising a casserole mix. Tell me your frozen veg recipe discoveries? I need to continue converting she.

pandarific Thu 28-Mar-19 22:34:39

*dh, not she

Thisnamechanger Thu 28-Mar-19 22:37:24

I recently fell in love with frozen spinach. It's chopped really finely and frozen. When I want a lazy dinner I zap it in the microwave, squeeze the water out in a sieve and add to hot cooked pasta with loads of butter and a good pinch of salt and pepper...if you stir it it the butter and Spinnach coats the pasta almost like a sauce....grate cheddar on top...SCOFF

Thisnamechanger Thu 28-Mar-19 22:38:02

Frozen spinach also perfect for Saag paneer

Greensleeves Thu 28-Mar-19 22:40:31

Frozen spinach is awesome. Also frozen green beans, broad beans and cauliflower.

I don't like frozen broccoli, it's always lost its texture.

Have frozen carrots changed since I was a kid? I never buy them because I remember them being so rank and uncarrotlike

Divgirl2 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:41:06

Oh I love saag paneer - you got a recipe?

I love chucking frozen sweetcorn in my tuna mayo, spreading it over a tortilla, folding it in half, wrapping it in foil, and baking it for about 15 minutes. Extra points if I remember to put cheese on top. Not very adventurous but it's my favourite thing.

JakeBallardswife Thu 28-Mar-19 22:42:54

I’m a convert too & frozen fruit. Love broad beans, chopped onion sometimes. All great, trying loads of different veg & working out what works for us. Frozen Brussels were a bit, well, hard work.

OldAndWornOut Thu 28-Mar-19 22:44:05

Frozen mashed potato is great.
I'm a recent convert as it's so easy.

Mammylamb Thu 28-Mar-19 22:44:25

Frozen butternut squash is great! It saves all the fannying about peeling and chopping!

Mammylamb Thu 28-Mar-19 22:44:56

Also Tesco’s chargrilled veg are a favourite in our house

SheWoreBlueVelvet Thu 28-Mar-19 22:45:46

Whole green beans! 95p for a massive bag,taste no different and are always fresh and crisp if slightly steamed. Godsend.
Also cauliflower. I hate it so a cauliflower is wasted on the two of us, I whip a cauliflower cheese up at a monents notice now I keep a bag in the freezer.

Ewitsahooman Thu 28-Mar-19 22:46:39

The day I discovered frozen onions was a game changer for me.

I love frozen veg. Easiest dinner ever is soup with a bag of frozen squash, a bag of frozen sweet potato, some frozen peppers, and some frozen garlic and chillis. Simmer it up in some vegetable stock and then puree it with a big spoonful of cream cheese.

SpoonBlender Thu 28-Mar-19 22:46:55

The only ones that really work are sweetcorn, peas, spinach, and chips. Peppers as long as you're using them in a stew or something, no crunch.

Broccoli, carrots and cauli come out rubbish, squishy pap.

Broad beans I'll have to try. Any others worth it?

notharryssally Thu 28-Mar-19 22:47:05

Frozen fruit! Frozen onions and garlic are amazing. And soup base mixes.

LordCheshire Thu 28-Mar-19 22:47:13

Waitrose do a range of frozen herbs and alike make cooking do much easier as they're pre chopped, and they taste simply lovely

DogHairEverywhere Thu 28-Mar-19 22:47:12

Ooh, placemarking for further inspiration.
I have some favourites always in the freezer, (spinach is an absolute winner),but frozen broccoli is mushy, frozen sprouts were nasty and the frozen leeks weren't very nice either.

CleanHonestGoals Thu 28-Mar-19 22:47:28

I bought a frozen veg casserole mix recently from Morrison's and made a beef stew with it. I was so disappointed. The veg were so bland, tasted of nothing at all.
It probably would of cost the same to buy a fresh veg stew pack thing and would of tasted miles better.

That said I'm using more frozen steam packs etc or mixed veg and they are alright.

Lemond1fficult Thu 28-Mar-19 22:47:42

Frozen edemame (usually called soy beans in Tesco)- either boiled in the pod with rock salt, or just chucked into saladS. Frozen broad beans boiled for 1min and covered with feta and a squeeze of lemon and black pepper also lovely and v filling.

BeanBag7 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:48:54

I love frozen because chopping onion is such a pain in the bum.
Frozen casserole base is great for stews and sauces.

DogHairEverywhere Thu 28-Mar-19 22:49:40

Frozen raspberries are ok for Eton mess.

BeanBag7 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:50:21

I also freeze my own veg. E.g. buy a pack of leeks from the reduced section for 10p, slice up and freeze in a bag. Done.

BellMcEnd Thu 28-Mar-19 22:53:21

I learnt about frozen mashed potato on here - total game changer, no twatting about with peeling, chopping, boiling and mashing. Love it. Also use a lot of frozen fruit - perfect for mixing with yoghurt and oats for over night oats. I have loads of frozen veg in the freezer for soups / casseroles etc. I used to use the frozen chunks of butternut squash, spinach and sweet potato when the DCs were weaning. So handy.

Sweetheart1313 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:56:27

I love frozen garlic and onion too. I used to end up wasting the fresh stuff, especially garlic as I'd only need a couple of cloves. I never thought about frozen spinach for pasta, or using frozen mash - genius! I'll definitely be trying these.

sleepyhead Thu 28-Mar-19 22:57:11

I have a handful of frozen blueberries mixed in with my porridge in the morning.

I also take a pot with a few spoonfuls of greek yog, a tablespoon of oats and a handful of frozen summer fruits in for my lunch. The berries are defrosted by lunchtime and it tastes absolutely lush all mixed together.

Tesco grilled veg makes a great veggie lasagne.

LeesPostersAreInFrames Thu 28-Mar-19 22:58:18

Do you guys have success frying frozen onion? Mine just goes into a sad watery mush sad

Tesco classic veg base mix is brilliant - finely diced onion, carrot, celery and possibly something else - frying that for a few minutes at the beginning of almost any recipe is a surefire good start. They do an indian and a thai base too. Also frozen cubes of coconut milk, slices of chorizo and mixed beans are really useful.

I used to like the steamfresh bags before I got a bit more conscious of plastic waste.

Quite like mixed frozen veg as an easy addition to any sauce or pasta dish for easy veg.

Frozen mixed chargrilled Mediterranean veg to roast... It's to die for!

Individual potato gratins from iceland or waitrose - naughty but lovely.

Skip pre-frozen avocado, but do freeze your own frezmsh for guacamole or smoothies.

Oh! Smoothie mixes!

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