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To invite all Mumsnetters to the Brexit Rally in Parliament Square tomorrow afternoon/evening?

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SunnyInGrimsby Thu 28-Mar-19 22:21:36

OK, it's doubtful Brexit is going to happen any time soon but definitely worth coming along and standing up for what we voted for.

Very little coverage in the media - unfortunately no full page spreads in the Standard for us....

It will be going on until early evening so still worth turning up if you can't get the day off work. Lots of great speakers including Julia Hartley Brewer, Claire Fox, Kate Hoey et al.

Hotterthanahotthing Thu 28-Mar-19 23:15:13

Not very handy unless you're a Londoner.

KennDodd Thu 28-Mar-19 23:15:47

Please stay safe. A lot of really unsavoury violent types are rampant Leavers, they will be very angry tomorrow.

Hillfarmer Thu 28-Mar-19 23:16:37

ItsInTheSpoon It’s really hard not to be rude about people who voted to rip away my European rights, our economic health and my children’s future freedoms as citizens of a United Kingdom in the EU.

I don’t want us to be a Singapore-style economy servicing global dodgy dealers, led by far right free marketeers hoping to win the race for the bottom. I like being part of a European trading bloc and we’ll soon see what we actually got, in exchange for what we paid into EU.

I don’t mind that we pooled our sovereignty with 27 friendly countries. We didn’t lose our sovereignty, we deployed it constructively and profitably for our country, whilst preserving peace between us and encouraging liberal democracies in lots of other countries. Look at Latvia, Lithuania and well as Poland, east Germany, Romania and Bulgaria. These are not places that drain our economy. I’m proud of the part our country and the EU has played in transforming those countries and for people to be able to fulfill their potential in a climate of freedom and increased opportunity.

Oh and all those awfulregulations? They’ve brought us environmental standards, cleaner air, cleaner beaches, better animal welfare standards, better employment laws, food labelling and confidence that all EU stuff we import has the same, decent standards for animals, for hygiene and for the environment.

In all this we have had an active, democratic role...helping write the rules through the Parliament, the Commission and the Council of ministers.

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty enraged that we have thrown it all away, with the promise of....what? An undeliverable and dishonest mess.

Other than that, I have no problem with it.

FilthyforFirth Thu 28-Mar-19 23:16:52

Literally can't think of anything I want to do less. Still have fun with Nigel and Tommy.

Burpsandfustles Thu 28-Mar-19 23:25:03

Did anyone clock the look Jenny Chapman just gave leave voter on QT.

Mixture of utter disdain and also dash of despair because he said he was a life long labour voter who can't vote labour.

I'm astonished after the battering and cristism labour has come in for any labour politician would have the temerity to look at a life long labour supporter like that.

KennDodd Thu 28-Mar-19 23:26:41

I hope Steve Bray is ok tomorrow. He must be a real target and it certainly doesn't help the comments Mark Francois has been making about him.

woman19 Thu 28-Mar-19 23:29:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Burpsandfustles Thu 28-Mar-19 23:29:40

I agree with bmw6.

I think all leave marches Etc should hold fire.
It's too soon. Wait and see what happens in next few days.

Many people who voted won't have finances to get to London to march esp not on a Friday

AutumnCrow Thu 28-Mar-19 23:32:01

Kate Hoey. Just those three syllables make me think of futility of purpose and cats bums.

Burpsandfustles Thu 28-Mar-19 23:33:41


See post below yours, hill farmer.

People feeling... pretty enraged isn't cosigned too one side or another.

LonelyTiredandLow Thu 28-Mar-19 23:34:11

Just a word of caution - the police have warned everyone who is pro-EU to stay away from the march and apparently local offices are even not opening due to safety concerns.

Posting this on a parent forum is quite reckless OP. Especially on a Friday night (drinking) when we know how leavers will be feeling.

Please keep kids safe and away from Parliament tomorrow.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Thu 28-Mar-19 23:35:30

Now that will be one rally where the numbers will be easy to establish.

TheWomanin12B Thu 28-Mar-19 23:38:18

SODEM are staying away tomorrow.

LonelyTiredandLow Thu 28-Mar-19 23:41:57

@TheWoman is that meant to make people feel safer?
Weren't they the ones who messed up the road blocks hoping to cause maximum public inconvenience and said they would turn up to each other and then didn't? How can you possibly rely on their 'word?'

I think most people realise they aren't the only idiots in the circus by now.

wherearemychickens Thu 28-Mar-19 23:42:09

I would be really worried about things kicking off nastily. I'm glad Sodem aren't going to be around - worrying for the MPs who have to be though.

KennDodd Thu 28-Mar-19 23:43:17

Does that mean Steve Bray won't be around? I do think he has every right to be there and should be there tomorrow but I just don't think it'll be safe for him.

Dothehappydance Thu 28-Mar-19 23:44:19

Well seeing that a Sunday could only draw 150 people on the March to Leave locally (very pro-leave) I am not expecting huge crowds in London on a Friday.

NotSureThisIsWhatIWant Thu 28-Mar-19 23:46:00

I would say OP, ignore everyone and go to your March so you can see with your own eyes what sad mob you are handing your country to with your vote. Tommy Robins, Nigel Farages, our very own versions of Trump. That’s what you voted for.

NewAndImprovedNorks Thu 28-Mar-19 23:46:15

No thank you <polite>

Calloway Thu 28-Mar-19 23:47:01

No thanks. I'll be otherwise engaged rearranging my sock drawer and removing hair from the plugholes.

SunnyInGrimsby Thu 28-Mar-19 23:47:15

@lonelyandtired - I haven't suggested anyone bring their children to the March. This forum is a broad church with many threads about other subjects as well as parenting.

People have the right to protest peacefully. There are hordes of police in Parliament Square all the time and tomorrow there will vast numbers. They are also very skilled at managing protests and keeping different factions apart.

As for the poster upthread who accused Leave voters of being responsible for Jo Cox's murder, that is a really shameful thing to say. When you accuse those of us with moderate views who number over half the country of extremism you really are creating a climate where real extremism will flourish.

Surely it is possible for us to have different views and at least remain civil.

woman19 Thu 28-Mar-19 23:53:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Icantreachthepretzels Thu 28-Mar-19 23:53:32

Another no thank you. I did go to London last weekend. Me and a million other people. Not one arrest and the police presence was not a 'horde' and such police as there were were relaxed and friendly. I can't help but wonder how tomorrow will compare - both numbers and atmosphere wise.

HermioneKipper Thu 28-Mar-19 23:55:53

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Calloway Thu 28-Mar-19 23:55:59

How many people are still on that Leave 'march'?

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