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to think there is nothing I can buy my mum for mothers day

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greatbighillofhope Thu 28-Mar-19 21:46:04

I am absolutely drawing a total blank with ideas for her. She is pretty well off, has all the perfume/makeup/beauty stuff she could want, goes out for lunches/theatre/weekends away very regularly, has millions of scented candles/diffusers, only wears her 'real' jewellery, reads books on her kindle, doesn't drink alcohol, already has subscriptions to magazines, blah blah blah. I don't like wasting money on cut flowers (which are also an environmental disaster). I am stuck. Ideas?

youknowmedontyou Thu 28-Mar-19 21:47:30

A card and a visit? What more would any mother want? To be honest the big gift giving on Mother's Day is fucking crass!

SeptemberDays Thu 28-Mar-19 21:48:34

Dinner? Pot plant?

kalooKalayNoWorkToday Thu 28-Mar-19 21:50:42

I don't consider cut flowers to be a waste, a small bunch of daffs are very charming. If you don't want that then buy the daffs in a bowl or something then they will come back year after year. Honestly I've never bought my mum a proper present on Mother's Day! Not do I expect one from my daughter!

cakeandchampagne Thu 28-Mar-19 21:52:08

You could write a detailed note about some of your favorite childhood memories, and express your appreciation for her mothering.

Lovelylugs Thu 28-Mar-19 21:52:10

Some nice foodie things like cheese, chutney and alcohol free wine? Or how about a flowering shrub for the garden, maybe a pretty rose bush I'm sure there is one specially named for mothers day.

funmummy48 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:52:50

Bake her a cake. Spend time with her, going out for a coffee or to the cinema? Cook her dinner?

Whatsername7 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:52:51

Ive bought mine a fancy easter egg. Not helpful, I know, but I had no other ideas.

Matilda15 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:54:42

I cook a meal for my Mum and give her some flowers and have some Prosecco and wine chilled and ready. my brother provides a dessert, gets her a token gift and drives so she can enjoy the Prosecco. Job done and everyone’s happy

LtJudyHopps Thu 28-Mar-19 21:55:05

I have this issue. She’s trying to lose weight so can’t buy clothes or chocolates, she doesn’t wear perfume. Isn’t really drinking alcohol. For her birthday I bought an afternoon tea voucher we still haven’t done, recently took her to the theatre to see a show. She’s not a plant person so can’t buy any of the lovely plants I’ve seen!
I think I will end up with flowers and a card for her sad

HoozThatGirl Thu 28-Mar-19 21:55:37

.*I don't like wasting money on cut flowers*
I am like your mother in that there's nothing I want or need and I would like flowers.

Yogagirl123 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:01:51

I enjoy my sons being kind and thoughtful all year long, not by buying gifts one day a year. To commercialised for me. Your mum would probably value time spent with you, rather than a gift.

pansydansy Thu 28-Mar-19 22:01:53

I've got my mum a £25 cut and blow dry voucher at the salon she uses and a bunch of flowers because she loves them

Busholive Thu 28-Mar-19 22:03:56

My mums getting a fancy box of chocolates from hotel chocolat grin they've got lots for mothers day and their standard ones at different sizes/price points.

JaceLancs Thu 28-Mar-19 22:06:27

I appreciate time spent with my DC more than anything
So Sunday they are taking me out for day including lunch and drinks
I will take my DM out in evening

greatbighillofhope Thu 28-Mar-19 22:25:18

Same her with chocolates- she’s watching her weight. She had her garden newly planted up a while back so no space for any new plants. Doesnt like spa days and has her nails done regularly anyway.
I guess a lot of the problem wrt to buying her a gift is that she lives the life of Riley (and I don’t) so feel a bit jealous/resentful if I’m honest really. She wasn’t massively hands on when I was a kid which is ok but I have dc with extra needs but she’s not very hands on as a grandparent either (and actually often makes me feel uncomfortable about them having extra needs as it’s ‘inconvenient’ for her.
But she expects a fuss to be made on mother’s day, she has mentioned several times that we ‘didn’t really do anything special’ last year so I know I have to step up my game this year.

Cryalot2 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:26:17

Mum is similar, which means birthdays and Christmas are also a pain.
This year oh heard her admire some things I knitted for charity, so I have knit her hats, fingerless mittens and a scarf and did an arrangement of silk flowers in a tea cup and saucer..
Would she like something hand made. Failing that a voucher , or some pretty framed photos .
Hope it helps

Theknacktoflying Thu 28-Mar-19 22:29:44

Then don’t .... if there is nothing she needs (just a card??)

My ever practical daughter told me I am only able to celebrate being a mum because she is about!

thedevilinablackdress Thu 28-Mar-19 22:32:08

IMO Mother's Day is Hallmark nonsense but if you want to do something, how about a meal out or made by you? It sounds like gifts are difficult and unnapreciated anyway. Give yourself the gift of less stress OP.

greatbighillofhope Thu 28-Mar-19 22:33:56

Great ideas there but I don’t have the time, energy or talent to make anything!
I have given her framed photos before but she just generally just puts them in a cupboard rather than have them out on display. I will definitely take her out for lunch but I do feel the need to get her something wrapped up too.

Etino Thu 28-Mar-19 22:35:59

Daffodils and cook her a meal. If she’s not happy with that, tough.

Chloemol Thu 28-Mar-19 22:36:52

Why do you need to step up your game. Just get her a card, write something nice in it and hand it over, spend some time with her. If she says anything then just say you have everything

AtSea1979 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:39:09

Came here for ideas but nothing so far is the kind of thing my mum would like. I think an M&S cardi with a gift receipt because she will def take it back will have to do

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet Thu 28-Mar-19 22:41:49

You don't have to up your game. I know that's what your mother said, but that doesn't make it true.
You also don't have to give her anything, but if you want to then maybe a book she would enjoy? Or maybe some empathy, since she seems to have run out?
I admit to some bitterness though, since my mother is a total fright. I've sent flowers because then I won't have to see her or speak to her and I need her to not take a huff and decide not to move hundreds of miles away. I'm certain I'll like her much better when she lives hundreds of miles away.

Ragwort Thu 28-Mar-19 22:41:53

I give my DM a charity gift, this year which is specifically aimed at helping mothers & babies which I thought was really appropriate & I know she genuinely likes charity gifts. I also invite her & my DF over for a special meal. As a mother myself I would never ‘expect’ a gift of my DS, a card is nice but I don’t think I’ve had a gift since the handmade crafts from nursery grin.

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