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Why the fuck do people do this?

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SudoWouldnt Thu 28-Mar-19 20:41:04

Allow their fucking dogs outside to bark excessively for ages and make no attempt to shut them up?

Next doors terrier has been barking for a good 20 minutes or so now with no let up. Owners are home and are either selectively deaf or just too bone idle to shut it up.

I like dogs, I understand they bark sometimes but I wouldn't allow my child to stand in the garden yelling non-stop without bringing him in and telling him off.

Reluctant to say anything as the man is a bit of an arsehole and we are putting house on the market soon so don't want any disputes.

Fluffyears Thu 28-Mar-19 20:47:31

I agree, I love dogs but of you have abarher you bring it o side or train it not to bloody bark. We have a small yappy mutt nearby that goes on forever and i’m ready to go round and have a word.

StoneofDestiny Thu 28-Mar-19 20:48:33

Yes - selfish beyond belief.

44PumpLane Thu 28-Mar-19 20:50:04

I have a dog that likes to bark bark bark when she's in the garden and YANBU OP.

If I let her out I am listening as I know she's a barker and I either tap on the window (which often quietens her) or run out to try and get her.

She mostly ignores me when I try and get her in so it can take me a couple minutes to find a snack and coax her to me before I get her inside but it would be obvious I'm working on it and she wouldn't be barking for very long at all.

Can't stand inconsiderate people.

dancinfeet Thu 28-Mar-19 20:50:58

yes, agree. I like dogs, but my next door neighbour has two (very indulged fur babies) that yap. At midnight when they go out right near my bedroom window, at 6am when they go out, on and off all day every day in the garden. They bark at me when I go in my garden, which doesn't help that our gardens are tiny, so they stand at the fence and yap yap yap if I go to the bin, shed or hang washing out. I don't really complain, she probably thinks my two singing / tap dancing daughters are noisy!!

SudoWouldnt Thu 28-Mar-19 20:56:38

I don't like to complain either - prefer a quiet life and would prefer to be on good terms with everyone I'm in close proximity with but it's really getting beyond a joke.

They let it out all hours of the day and it doesn't seem to bother them that he's noisy and that it is a nuisance.

We are generally quiet neighbours, my child is older so not running around alot/ crying etc. I'm usually home alone in the day and we don't socialise much at home so it's not as tjough theyre putting up with similar from us.

I know dogs need to be let out to do the toilet and whatnot and I could cope with it being a few minutes at a time to allow for that but sometkmes it goes on for nearly an hour.

CantChoose Thu 28-Mar-19 21:03:38

I think you live on my road grin the bloody thing is never quiet...

AragonsGirl Thu 28-Mar-19 21:10:55

Our neighbours have 3 dogs, why I don’t know as they just seem to be left in the garden all day every day. They bark at everything passing the gate at ungodly hours

LimitIsUp Thu 28-Mar-19 21:12:25

It is selfish. If my dogs bark in the garden it takes me only a minute or two max (I might be on the loo!) to respond and bring them in

HennyPennyHorror Thu 28-Mar-19 21:14:14

Oh I'm with you OP! I have barker...but I've taught him that if he's just enjoying a good old woof for no reason, then he comes straight in.

He HATES in because of his breed....he likes outside better. So when he starts, I look why he's barking then if it's nothing I say "IN!" and he stops immediately!

The family opposite me have two mastiff looking things and the other night, one of them barked constantly for two hours. There was a was a steady "Woof pause Woof pause Woof" and didn't stop at all. The pause was only a second too!

FlutterShite Thu 28-Mar-19 21:16:42

We had a neighbour whose dog would bark its face off late at night in the garden and then the neighbour would go into the garden and clap her hands while shouting the dog's name. BEN. BARK. BEN. BARK. BEN. BARK. Until her voice and dog's bark merged into one intolerable noise.

My utter sympathies, OP. I love dogs but some dog owners are horrific.

Chocolateisfab Thu 28-Mar-19 21:21:49

I have been known to shout shut up out my windows. Very good at relieving The Rage ime.
I have ddogs and they are not allowed to be out barking.
Neighbours take theirs out at 630 most days.
We have a care home in our St too. Thoughtless fuckwits.

GabsAlot Thu 28-Mar-19 21:22:15

yes ive had that although was indoors barking the whole time it was left alone-which was alot-complained to the council turns out other side had aswell and they got warning letters then moved

why have a dog and just ignore it

JaneEyre07 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:23:35

My Mum has got two yorkshire terriers, that I get the pleasure of having once a year when she goes on holiday hmm They bark at every bloody sound, to the point that I've had to put earplugs in.....the noise is incessant. My spaniels never bark, in fact when they do it makes us all jump as we're just not used to it.

It's a really irritating sound and some people really shouldn't be allowed to keep pets.

thistimeofyear Thu 28-Mar-19 21:26:20

I think I live in your street too. Very inconsiderate dog owners (and I say that as a dog lover myself) bloody dog barks for 30 mins before it is taken inside. Happened at 2.30am on Xmas eve as well!!!
I have never had a small yappy dog - am thinking of getting a silent whistle and training neighbours dog myself

Quertymcquerty Thu 28-Mar-19 21:26:55

I am a huge dog lover and think people whinge too much generally but I agree OP, it’s not on to let them bark for so long.
If mine start barking at randoms using the air space (looking at YOU BA) or cars daring to use the road near us, they are in, straightaway. It’s not fair on the neighbours.

emmalovesmangoes Thu 28-Mar-19 21:28:18

Agree 😫 my neighbor has a dog. Can't think what breed for the life of me but it's not a small thing. Every bloody morning at 5 AM she stomps down her stairs and locks him in the back garden and he yaps and yowls and howls for god knows how long often disturbing DD! This is everyday of the week even weekends. She either locks him out alone or locks him it with what sounds like a bloody metal ball filled with treats that he whacks around ! We have a springer and I would never dream of letting him bark in my back garden at all hours. Does my head in

Yabbers Thu 28-Mar-19 21:30:24

Rips my knitting.

Neighbours dog runs around the garden barking whenever it is out. When I see it out walking it is a really nervous dog which crouches and growls at anything that moves. They’ve had it at least 5 years so not a puppy and they have done nothing to improve its behaviour. I am constantly shouting “shut that dog up” over the fence. I did try raising it with them nicely when we were first living here, the guy was polite-ish about it. When it barks, I hear them just say it’s name. Surely they realise after 5 years that isn’t working.

IWantMyHatBack Thu 28-Mar-19 21:30:37

Same. I get woken by a yappy fucker almost every day, and it's one of the last noises I hear before I go to bed. One of the neighbours is good, and will shit up the stupid dog, but their partner clearly doesn't give a shit and just leaves it to bark for ages.
Can't wait for summer... 😭😩😒

SudoWouldnt Thu 28-Mar-19 21:31:47

I remember being really fucked off on Christmas Eve about it thistime so it could well be the same dog!

Everywhere I've lived I've had neighbours like this, and mentioning it to them or the council never gets me anywhere. I do wonder if I'm oversensitive to it because of this.

I just don't understand how it doesn't get on their nerves as well? I have family members with dogs, they either don't bark much at all or are brought in/ stop when instructed.

Elephantina Thu 28-Mar-19 21:36:57

My dog can bark obnoxiously, but she doesn't tend to when in the garden - she might have a couple of woofs at noises but barely even a flurry (not as much as she barks indoors when she's "attacking" me). She has a tendency to shriek excitedly when we leave the house for a walk, so to spare the neighbours I shove a treat in her gob as we leave.

The guy behind us, however, occasionally looks after his daughters dog and that fucking thing does not shut up. It's virtually hysterical and never takes a bloody breath. Drives us all mad when she stays over, although my main worry is that the neighbours will think it's my dog! He put her out and forgot her one night, she was yarrayarrayarrayarrapping endlessly for about an hour at 10pm.

Shame, she's a lovely little thing if you go and speak to her through the gate.

Akrotiri1 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:43:49

I have a terrier - generally very well behaved but will yap manically if a car drives past (we have a long front garden and he chases them down the fence line - nuts!). Anyhow as soon as he starts we call him in - his barking annoys me and I am always concerned that he will annoy our neighbours too.

There is a poor dog over the road that is shut out in the garden all day, presumably whilst the owners are at work. It barks all day long and would be very surprised if there have not been complaints - I feel sorry for it though.

I know you don't want any disputes, but just bare in mind a barking dog could equally put off people when viewing your property.....

ChrisPrattsFace Thu 28-Mar-19 21:44:04

As a dog owner, with a lot of dogs - I genuinely don’t notice my dogs barking. At all.
I also don’t have neighbours so it’s a non-issue for me but occasionally I’ll realise they’re making a hell of a noise! I just don’t hear it!

Chlo1674 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:47:16

We have the same problem. House at the end of the street has two yappy dogs. Their garden backs onto a field and every time someone walks along the path (it’s a popular dog walking route) their dogs go on a yapping frenzie. It’s so annoying as I work from home. A few times I have felt tempted to yell at them to shut the f*ck up out of the window as it enrages me so much!

TheNoodlesIncident Thu 28-Mar-19 21:48:43

I always thought if we had this problem with our neighbours, I would send DS out into the garden with his cornet and have him practise blatting* on that until the dog goes in/shuts up. Every time.

You make a constant noise, we will make a constant noise until it stops.

*He can play actual tunes, but obviously that's not required here.

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