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parcelproblems Thu 28-Mar-19 19:32:45

More of a wwyd than aibu sorry...So DS is at uni, lives in a shared house. Ordered something online which got delivered next door (card through his door to let him know) anyway he's been round repeatedly for two days at all times of day and night, knows they are home as lights on, can hear them in the house, but they are refusing to come to the door. Does he have the right to say to the place he ordered it from that he hasn't received it, or is it his responsibility to get the parcel from them?

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Thu 28-Mar-19 19:33:45

Does he have the right to say to the place he ordered it from that he hasn't received it


parcelproblems Thu 28-Mar-19 19:45:18

Right I'll suggest he emails them then. What a bunch of twats his neighbours are.

parcelwars Fri 29-Mar-19 10:20:35

Just an update. The place where he ordered the gift from have said the parcel has been delivered, and it's up to him to retrieve it. If he can't, they've suggested he calls the police hmm I mean seriously. Where does the law stand on this? Surely if they haven't delivered his parcel to him they have to take some responsibility. Anyone know what the laws are regarding ordering online/non delivery etc?

Janedoughnut Fri 29-Mar-19 12:46:35

Surely that can be right as they haven't delivered to him. I think they're trying it on.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Fri 29-Mar-19 12:48:41

The parcel has to be delivered safely - it hasnt been - Trading Standards is your friend here

kaytee87 Fri 29-Mar-19 12:50:48

They've failed to deliver to him. I'm assuming he didn't give the company permission to deliver to a neighbour. They've not completed their part of the contract.
If it's within 14 days of ordering tell him to cancel the contract and they can collect from where they left it.

parcelwars Fri 29-Mar-19 15:30:10

He's already paid for the item. He actually rang the citizens advice helpline who've said since the item was safely delivered next door, he has to keep knocking the door to get it! Only if they answer the door and say they haven't got it will he have a leg to stand on. Just seems ridiculous to me.

parcelwars Fri 29-Mar-19 15:33:19

No he didn't give them permission to leave next door. The company have said that because it wasn't sent using signed for service (their decision not his) it's fine for them to leave it in a safe place or with neighbours.

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