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CF neighbors taking all the parking spaces

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AnnieMay100 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:38:41

Can you report it to the council? I’d be inclined to say it’s fly tipping and vehicle looks abandonded as that should get them out to look. A letter trough their door should stop it if they’re worried about fines etc. Do you have access to your own parking spot? If they take yours can you ‘borrow’ a car to leave there for the time being? I’ve got a neighbour who continually parks in my spot despite using their own and a garage so I know how you feel

Likepebblesonthebeach Thu 28-Mar-19 19:26:42

We live in a housing estate. At the end of each block of houses is a large square parking area that would safely park 6 cars. The idea was for one car from each house on the block. However the roads are wide so most people park ourside their house and only the people at the end of each block use the huge car parks.

The car park is in front of my house and I have no front garden only a side & back garden. The next block over end house has a small front garden, no side garden & a back garden.

The neighbors in this house are using the carpark as their garden. As it’s in off of the road they are storing their wheelie bins, building materials and currently have a car and a van parked permanently (they use the van as a shed) they also have bags of rubbish, skip bag and a Christmas tree all outside my house.

The problem is that as it’s at the side of their house they don’t notice/care how unsightly it looks. It’s only my family and visitors that drive into the carpark that can see it.

The broken down van & car are against my front garden wall shock

I need to speak to my neighbor but I don’t know how to word it without sounding petty

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