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Most ridiculous pregnancy/birth depictions in films?

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le42 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:19:45

I'm watching Poldark as I missed it first time around and once again the only sign/symptom of pregnancy is someone being sick and she just gave birth in minutes!

Waters breaking in a dramatic fashion is always, always the first sign of labour in films!

What other ridiculous depictions of pregnancy /birth can you remember from films?

(Disclaimer --- I'm not saying those things can never happen! Just that most of us have other experiences too!!)

FurryGiraffe Thu 28-Mar-19 20:03:40

Waters breaking as the first sign of labour annoys the hell out of me. Yes it happens, but for lots of women it happens very late in labour. Would be nice to see that too.

Women having dramatic miscarriages, as a result of an accident also annoys me. Again, it happens, but far more women miscarry naturally, or slowly, or have MMCs.

Not pregnancy or birth, but the other thing that drives me bonkers is women on tv starting affairs when their babies are weeks old (I'm looking at you Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black). It's just bonkers. How many women feel like having sex at -all with a newborn, let alone sex with someone new. Stretch marks, leaking breasts, stitches and a newborn are not conducive to arousal!

NeutralJanet Thu 28-Mar-19 20:06:54

Not a film, but Pheobe in Friends giving birth to triplets vaginally with minimal medical staff present, and all of the triplets being a heavy enough weight that zero time in incubators is required.

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Thu 28-Mar-19 20:08:15

Erica in friends when she had no idea was having twins

LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 28-Mar-19 20:09:20

My water did break, without warning, in a very dramatic fashion, I LOVE being the exception that proves the rule..!

Upalln1ght Thu 28-Mar-19 20:10:39

Knocked Up...the scene of her giving birth through her perfectly bare, unswollen, airbrushed vag. It's only on screen for about a second, but it looks like the most fake, plastic (obviously made by a man) fanny I've ever seen 😂

Nathansmommy1 Thu 28-Mar-19 20:10:49

When ds was born I thought there was something seriously wrong because there was no noise,no cry from him. On tv and in movies they're always crying the second they come out

iklboo Thu 28-Mar-19 20:11:48

MASSIVE contractions within seconds of waters breaking

Daphne on Neighbours giving birth with her tights on

Traynorbird Thu 28-Mar-19 20:14:22

Where the woman gives birth standing up as the waters rise around her. Grabs the baby as it falls and carries on hiking.
What a woman!

redexpat Thu 28-Mar-19 20:15:09

Dammit @iklboo you beat me to it!

Daphne in neighbours gave birth with her tights on.

EdWinchester Thu 28-Mar-19 20:17:08

My waters broke in a very dramatic fashion - like dropping a water-filled balloon on the floor. But I had been in labour for about 4 hours and delivered 10 minutes later.

Anyway, I appreciate dramatisations of labour have to be the quick version...but god, they're annoying. A sudden gasp of pain to signify labour, waters breaking - let's rush to hospital!, Victorian positions to give birth, whopping 10-pound baby acting as newborn...

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Thu 28-Mar-19 20:21:28

Twin Peaks, some woman dropped down behind a piano, and had a baby with her tights on and shoulder pads in place

Hanumantelpiece Thu 28-Mar-19 20:22:52

Not a film, but an episode of Baywatch many many years ago
. Pregnant woman goes into the sea, next thing she is lying on the beach, giving birth (possibly attended to by the Hoff). With her swimming costume still on.

WeepingWillowWeepingWino Thu 28-Mar-19 20:26:25

Has to be Daphne in Neighbours!

Homemadearmy Thu 28-Mar-19 20:27:41

EastEnders, they never make it to hospital. Half the time the baby is delivered by someone theyve argued with

Mascarponeandwine Thu 28-Mar-19 20:29:07

I was going to go with Daphne in Neighbours too

EmrysAtticus Thu 28-Mar-19 20:30:24

I agree with all of these. However my waters breaking and flooding the bathroom was the first sign for me and was followed by massive contractions within minutes so I have to judge myself as unrealistic!

Chinks123 Thu 28-Mar-19 20:31:36

My waters broke suddenly and within seconds I had horrendous contractions that were two minutes apart, so it’s sometimes nice to see that on tv.

All the births on friends were pretty bad but I thought Rachel’s was the closest to real life (for some) as it showed her in labour for a long time and she did fairly good pushes!

OwlinaTree Thu 28-Mar-19 20:34:14

The pregnant character is always sick, and that's how you know they are Pg.

BarmyLlama Thu 28-Mar-19 20:35:54

So far, Catastrophe is the only thing I've seen where the woman ISN'T lying down as she gives birth. I was pathetically grateful for that.

Gronky Thu 28-Mar-19 20:37:55

I'd have to say Junior (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

creepycrawlie Thu 28-Mar-19 20:38:13

The breaks in-between contractions are never shown- it's always depicted as constant pain.

And women always seem to have to be told to "push!"

Hushnownobodycares Thu 28-Mar-19 20:38:53

Puffing gently but rhymthically while grinning inanely at your birth partner will always get the job done before the end credits roll.

nutsfornutella Thu 28-Mar-19 20:39:05

Totally agree about the waters breaking. I had to have them broken 3 out of 3 times as I'd got to 10cm with them in tact.

Morning sickness being in the morning and only for 2-3 months. I was near a loo all day.

Everybody visiting with food and desperate to clean your house after you come home is a massive cliche. I ate sandwiches one handed and shopped at Sainsburys at unsocial hours like 11pm.

Maternity fashion is always unrealistic on screen too. They never buy realistic clothes from Asda or H&M

Lying down to give birth in stirrups. Just no

nutsfornutella Thu 28-Mar-19 20:39:59

I've never been offered ice while giving birth.

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