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to think that NDN should care how shit this looks from my garden. FENCE THREAD - pic enc.

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PauperTroll Thu 28-Mar-19 19:11:47

He's put up curved trellis all the way along the wall and stapled tatty strawberry netting to the back (our side) of it so he's not overlooked by the houses perpendicular to us.

But it looks horrible from my side. And the trellis has made it very tall.

I'd saved up for a few years to do my garden up a bit this spring and now this has made it look crap. I can't really afford to put something up on my side to hide his netting.

There's fuck-all I can do, I assume - I asked him (nicely) if I could remove the netting and if the trellis would be obscure enough to stop the neighbours overlooking him. He said no, that it was on his property, and that he wasn't going to remove it and that if I didn't like it I could install something on my side to cover it.

Is there anything I can do???

Tomtontom Thu 28-Mar-19 19:14:36

To be honest it looks better with the trellis plus netting than just the brick wall.

Hopefully it will grow on you.

MrsBertBibby Thu 28-Mar-19 19:16:38

Who actually owns that boundary?

HarrysOwl Thu 28-Mar-19 19:18:07

if I didn't like it I could install something on my side to cover it

I think that sounds reasonable.

StarlaP Thu 28-Mar-19 19:18:19

Would he consider removing the netting if you agreed to grow some climbing flowers or plants there? Seeds and plastic plant boxes aren’t particularly expensive, might be an option? X

MotherOfMinions Thu 28-Mar-19 19:19:13

At least you can’t be overlooked

Witchtower Thu 28-Mar-19 19:19:53

I think it looks better than just having the wall. Sorry OP. Would prob get some climbers on there.

Oldraver Thu 28-Mar-19 19:20:19

How tall is the wall and the trellis, as there are usually rules on how high it can go

PotteringAlong Thu 28-Mar-19 19:20:22

It looks fine to me.

MorningsEleven Thu 28-Mar-19 19:20:41

Percy reversey.

AnxiousMcAnxiousFace Thu 28-Mar-19 19:20:47

I also prefer it I’m afraid.

BlueSkiesLies Thu 28-Mar-19 19:22:02

Looks fine to me!

What about getting some of the cheap bamboo screwing rolls which look nicer than green netting, and fixing those up?

Wonkydonkey44 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:22:10

Sorry I agree it looks awful

Memeface Thu 28-Mar-19 19:23:00

Virginia creeper will grow like crazy and cover that. Saw one in Morrisons for £1.50.

EL8888 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:23:27

Who does it actually belong to? It might look better when some plants are actually growing over it?

tittysprinkles Thu 28-Mar-19 19:26:56

How tall is it? What direction does your wall face? How long is it? If it is 6 foot or less I would screen it off with some willow hurdles. If it is taller than 6 foot you could have a raised bed at the base of the wall and put some hurdles above it and grow some lovely climbers up. It doesn't look great but I'm not sure there is anything you can do.
Depending on how big your garden is, a hedge would be another option. Or a small tree. Lots of options here.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Thu 28-Mar-19 19:29:28

Virginia creeper will grow like crazy and cover that. Saw one in Morrisons for £1.50.

But it is her neighbours wall - the OP cannot grow things on it.

ImTakingTheEssence Thu 28-Mar-19 19:29:29

Tbh your wall looks like a prison wall, awful to start with i don't blame them.

LakieLady Thu 28-Mar-19 19:30:41

Plant climbers. That would look lovely with a clematis montana or something growing up it, and some honeysuckle for the heavenly scent.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Thu 28-Mar-19 19:31:13

Your side of the wall does look awful - so you need to refresh the paint, then the trellis wont look so bad - and actually it looks quite good TBH

Stinkytoe Thu 28-Mar-19 19:41:46

I thought etiquette was that if you own the boundary you get the ugly side of any fence?

Or am I being a mug here?

seven201 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:42:58

What about staple gunning that roll out bamboo or willow sheeting stuff to the back of the trellis? You'd have to saw it to fit.

IvanaPee Thu 28-Mar-19 19:43:54

It looks fine confused

oblada Thu 28-Mar-19 19:49:22

If the wall is wholly on his side then no you can't do anything about it. Build your own wall. If it's shared/on the boundary then it's different. Fair enough rly

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Thu 28-Mar-19 19:50:55

That wall is no beauty in itself, so I don't think his trellis is exactly spoiling a lovely sight here.

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