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Aibu to be absolutely mortified at accident

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BlinkingBrexit Thu 28-Mar-19 18:05:43

This may be TMI but I am a bit upset and looking for reassurance ! After a few near misses lately have actually just full on wet myself in a public place . I am mortified - notbheard of anyone else having done it so just need a hand hold to tell me I am not the only one. For background, 41 , 3 children and never done it before and I had only gone for a wee 20 minutes before sad

DailyMailFail101 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:01:43

Oh don’t be embarrassed,I used to wet my self regularly until I had Botox injections into my bladder, it caused my bladder muscles to strengthen (so much I can’t pee now I self catheterise) go to your GP there’s loads of options out there!

snowball28 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:03:42

I went through a stage of this when I was only a teen, about 2 years. And now it’s happening again (31 weeks with no 3) GP can help, pop in and visit them. It’s normal and way more common than you think x

Jent13c Thu 28-Mar-19 21:20:02

I know you are so worried but there is SO much that can be done about it. Great idea to see doc or nurse. In my area it is the district nurses that complete continence assessments for you to get incontinence products. They are experts and the plan of care is to get you back to continence, not just to contain the accidents.
Some top tips;
1. Do NOT limit your fluid intake on your own say. You need to be drinking at least 1.2 litres a day. Reducing this will make your urine more concentrated which can irritate the bladder and can also put you more at risk of UTI. It will make you constipated.
2. Check your bowel habits. If you are constipated this will put pressure on your bladder.
3. Reduce caffeine. It is a bladder irritant. Try sticking to water to see if that is affecting things. Smoking is also irritant
4. Get your urine tested...?UTI
5. Try and get an internal exam. You could have issues related to child birth which were never picked up or issues related to hormone changes with menopause.

There are SO many options for you and so many tests that can be done to see why this is happening for you. I know it's hard to approach healthcare professionals with an 'embarrassing illness' but it would be so much better than having to wear pads all the time.

Crossfitgirl Thu 28-Mar-19 21:43:27

Try the NHS app "squeezy". It's a couple of quid but handy for pelvic floor exercises. And it's not normal to wet yourself, but it's not unusual and it's totally treatable! Glad you're going to see the GP OP. Xxx

BlinkingBrexit Thu 28-Mar-19 22:31:04

Thank you for the brilliant advice Jent13c - lots of food for thought! And I promise to you all there is nothing untoward about my post and I feel heaps better knowing it's more common than I thought - I appreciate each and every one of your posts and stories xx thank you all for taking the time to reply xx thank you flowers

SnowdropsiUnderTrees Thu 28-Mar-19 22:36:55

Tena lady. I have used them since my late 30's. People seem very anti them but I find them brilliant. Not everyone wants medication, physio or surgery.

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