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Aibu in thinking insurance companies just want to rip people off!

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Hellenbackagen Thu 28-Mar-19 16:59:25

Long story short have dog insurance which is now eye wateringly expensive as a pup my woof got diagnosed with a lifelong condition.
Went up £70 this year but have only ever claimed once for the op he needed as a pup.

He's now almost 6 and found out yesterday he has a prostate problem which requires a scan, a type of biopsy and finally he needs to be neutered because testosterone can make things worse prostate wise.

Total cost almost £400. Ok I think I'm
Covered for up to 2k a year and this is a medical necessity.

Rang insurance this morning. They wouldn't say if they'd pay out or not and said needed vet to ring

Vet rang

They said same to vet! Can't guarantee a settlement because it's neutering has explained it's medically necessary but still won't say if they'd pay or not

I've ring back asking why they wasted vets time (it took me 27 mins on hold to get thru! )
Got a load of bollocks but no answer and still none the wiser as to if they'll pay or not

I'm thinking it would have been more prudent to stick 40£ a month (that the monthly fee now) in a bank account especially for the hound - he's nearly 6 could have saved nearly 3k by now and it seems that they really don't like paying out when asked to. He's only covered for up to 2k a year anyway!

I'm hoping they will pay out when claim is assessed but leaves me in limbo and out of pocket it declined. Vet won't now claim directly in case they deny the claim.

Aibu to think they are rip off merchants happy to put fees up and take £££ but then won't guarantee a claim for a genuine medical necessity?

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