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Neighbours dog barking/yapping

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Browniee Thu 28-Mar-19 09:29:15

What can I do about the neighbours barking dog?

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have been working at home a lot more than normal as I get closer to my due date (I work full time so usually out the house 7.30 - 6.30 midweek) and I start maternity leave next week.

I’ve noticed being at home more in the day that the neighbours dog (small black terrier but can’t be sure what breed) is out between 8am and lunchtime in their garden - come rain or shine - and barks / yaps constantly! The owners are mid-70s I would say but very active still as they’re always doing things in their garden.

The barking is constant when the dog is out there and I can still hear it when all the windows in the house are closed - as the weather gets warmer it’s nice to have windows open but that won’t be an option while their dog is outside as it’s really piercing and “yappy” and like I say, there’s no let up. (I don’t get how it doesn’t piss them off inside their house??! But that’s another story!).

So what can I do / what would you do? I’ve thought about sending a very polite note because I hate confrontation and would worry that if I went over to chat about I’d back down and not say how I really felt.

It’s worth mentioning that we have a dog - so I am a dog lover!! It’s just this one that is driving me a bit loopy...

outpinked Thu 28-Mar-19 09:30:28

Unfortunately fuck all other than buying some ear plugs! It’s not at an unreasonable hour so there’s nothing that can be done.

PrayingandHoping Thu 28-Mar-19 09:32:59

Are the owners out in the garden with the dog while it's doing this?

Maybe have a quiet word and say you've noticed the barking all morning and say you're concerned that it may disturb the baby.

Browniee Thu 28-Mar-19 09:33:06

Yeah the radio does get turned up every day when it starts and maybe investing in earplugs isn’t a bad idea if that’s the only option!

Browniee Thu 28-Mar-19 09:37:19


Sometimes they’re out with it if the weather is really good and they are gardening, but it only seems to bark when it’s shut out there by itself so it’s seperation anxiety I guess?

We have another neighbour in between us and them so can’t lean over the fence to chat to them, I’d have to go and knock on their front door (which I think I’d feel a bit nervous about!!)

My main worry is that when the baby is here it’ll be disruptive - although I know babies will sleep through all sorts and it would more be for my sake I’d want it to stop!

PrayingandHoping Thu 28-Mar-19 09:40:26

@Browniee yes sounds v much like separation anxiety. One of my dogs used to suffer with it and I was always grateful when my neighbours informed me if he'd been distressed! And because I expressed my thanks they knew it was fine to tell me (and I also apologised and took steps to rectify it!)

Go and have a chat. Ask them if they realise when they shut it out it's upset and barks the whole time.

Browniee Thu 28-Mar-19 11:07:34

Thank you @PrayingandHoping I hadn’t thought of it that way. My mum is a dog trainer and said it’s definitley separation anxiety but you’re right that they might not realise the dog is distressed. They are nice people so I’m sure if they knew that they wouldn’t leave it by itself.

Luckily the barking has stopped today because the weather is good so they’re out and about with it... so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good summer!!

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