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What are you looking forward to more?

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Boredgiraffes Thu 28-Mar-19 02:06:59

Game of Thrones final season or Avengers Endgame?

fedupntired Thu 28-Mar-19 03:45:52

Avengers- can't get into GOT.

Bleary3000 Thu 28-Mar-19 03:53:15

Got a tub of magnolia in the cupboard, ooo, when that gets on a wall....


MaitlandGirl Thu 28-Mar-19 03:59:55

Neither - I’m going to cry in both and I’m an ugly crier lol.

I’ll be waiting till they’re both out on dvd and watching them at home, unless I can get to a late night showing of End Game so I don’t have to walk through the shopping mall all blotchy and snotty!!

Boredgiraffes Thu 28-Mar-19 04:08:41

Game of thrones at least you can watch at home, although when most of them die there will be no bringing them back

GoosetheCat Thu 28-Mar-19 04:15:44

Definitely Endgame. Booking tickets to a midnight showing when tickets go live! Agree with @MaitlandGirl, I'll be the nutter crying in the cinema grin

MaitlandGirl Thu 28-Mar-19 04:36:24

@Boredgiraffes - we don’t have a tv aerial or satellite so everything we watch is dvd or Netflix. I could go to the neighbours to watch GoT but he’d mock my snottiness lol

blackcoffeeinbed Thu 28-Mar-19 04:50:31

GOT for sure, currently making my way back through every episode in preparation. I do think I will cry when it's over though😭

Boredgiraffes Thu 28-Mar-19 05:09:49

At least Endgame will be over in one night, GOT will be weeks of agony!

Fatted Thu 28-Mar-19 05:11:54


Worriedwart18 Thu 28-Mar-19 05:28:09


Avengers is so boring now, same thing over and over again. Give it a rest now Marvel. Sorry!

BitchQueen90 Thu 28-Mar-19 05:34:58

Neither. Don't watch Avengers.

I've watched GOT but I read the books first and I'm waiting for the next book to be released before I watch any more of the show. Probably be waiting until I'm a pensioner mind you!

Reddragonqueen Thu 28-Mar-19 06:05:04


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